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Communication 5G power management solution

With the rapid development of 5G network and AI intelligence, the management of 5G power supply equipment is particularly important in the construction of communication base stations; and the construction of communication base stations is increasing day by day. How to realize the rapid deployment and construction of 5G communication base stations to ensure that there are More efficient, larger capacity and more intelligent 5G power supply equipment, thus proposing an all-scenario, all-station 5G power supply overall solution; it can realize all kinds of application scenarios such as data centers, macro stations, and micro stations. It needs the support of 5G power supply system, and can provide a comprehensive solution of cloud service technology.

The full-scenario communication 5G power management solution has the characteristics of “simple and efficient, fully modularized, intelligent, and networked”. The following specific introduction explains:

In terms of simplicity and efficiency, 5G communication operators not only need rapid deployment and construction, but also need to reduce power consumption and operation and maintenance costs. The entire communication equipment can be extremely simplified and quickly deployed and constructed. At the same time, high-efficiency power supply equipment can realize energy-saving functions, thereby reducing operation and maintenance and operation costs.

In terms of full modularization, all components of 5G power supply equipment, such as AC power distribution, power module, DC power distribution, battery module, monitoring unit, etc., are designed in a modular manner, and then can be combined freely to achieve rapid parallel expansion.

In terms of intelligence and networking, networking is a basic condition for intelligence, because networking is to enable the power system to perform fast networking, online monitoring, etc.; because 5G communication base stations cannot rely solely on manual maintenance, it must be carried out Comprehensive networking, so as to realize remote unattended; not only the core equipment in a single site needs to be monitored online, but also need to ensure that each base station site can be centrally controlled and monitored, so as to achieve comprehensive intelligent management.

With the rapid development of intelligent electronic products, the internal IC integration of communication power supply is getting higher and higher, so it is necessary to strengthen the safety protection of its internal circuit, not only to increase the power of the entire power supply, but also to make the internal components small To ensure that the developed power supply products have higher performance and are more suitable for the needs of 5G networks.