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How to choose data center cabinet design and layout

In almost every data center, racks and cabinets are two essential components, but their importance is often overlooked. If you choose the wrong type of racks and cabinets to house your equipment, you’re asking for trouble: damage to equipment from heat, dust, and temperature; excessive cooling costs; cluttered cables; excessive noise. large; and security breaches. When purchasing racks and cabinets, keep the following considerations in mind.


Know your own equipment. You probably know what kind of equipment your racks and cabinets will house, but also what impact that equipment will have. For example, it is essential to know how high or wide a rack/cabinet must be to accommodate this equipment. Keep cool. One of the most important considerations is heat. Assessing how much heat the equipment will generate will help determine what cooling method is more than adequate for the data center with the rack/cabinet you are purchasing.


This may be fine if the heat generated is relatively low. But once there are enough devices in the computer room, it becomes impossible to keep the equipment at an acceptable temperature.


An increasingly popular approach is a modified hot aisle/cold aisle with containment. “All the cold air is forced into the cold aisle, which is closed off with doors to ensure that the cold air inside doesn’t escape outside. The hot air is then re-routed into the computer room, or into the plenum using chimneys above the cabinets .” This method does require the cabinet to provide accessories such as partition doors and chimneys.


other factors. There are other aspects you need to consider when purchasing racks and cabinets, such as determining whether the equipment needs to comply with the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standard; checking whether the rack is pre-drilled and adjustable; Centering and accompanying mounting hardware; taking precautions against earthquakes; knowing how your office building’s air conditioning system operates at night and on weekends; and taking noise into account.


With the trend of high-density installation of IT in the cabinet becoming more and more obvious, whether the cabinet can play its due role or not, the power distribution system has become a key link. Reasonable power distribution is directly related to the availability of the entire IT system, and is an important basic link for whether the entire system can exert its due performance, and this is also a problem that was ignored by many computer room managers in the past.

Due to the miniaturization of IT equipment and the increasing density of equipment installed in the cabinet, the total demand for power distribution has increased significantly. This poses a serious challenge to the power distribution system in the cabinet.

At the same time, the increase of input and output ports also puts forward high requirements on the reliability of power distribution system installation. Taking into account the current dual power supply requirements of most servers, the power distribution in the data center cabinet is becoming more and more complicated.


The design of a reasonable cabinet power distribution system should follow the principle of taking reliability design as the core, designing specifically for the cabinet system, and fully coordinating and seamlessly cooperating with the power distribution system.

At the same time, the convenience of installation and intelligent management should be considered , strong adaptability, easy operation and maintenance. The power distribution system of the cabinet should bring the power supply closer to the load to reduce the failure points in the power supply path.

At the same time, local and remote monitoring of load current and remote control of power distribution should be gradually realized, so that power distribution management can be included in the overall intelligent management system of the computer room.


Cable layout. In a large-scale computer room, it is still difficult to walk through the numerous cabinets, let alone quickly find and repair faulty cables. Whether the overall solution for the cabinet is in place, and the management of cables in the cabinet will become one of the key links in the investigation.

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