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How Data Center Maintenance Requires Tape Storage Reintroduction

Hyper-converged data center infrastructure can help businesses and managers scale computing resources without integrating heterogeneous hardware into server racks. In the past few years, more and more enterprises hope to reduce the total cost of ownership, improve disaster recovery performance, and integrate operations through hyper-converged products.


However, these systems require more than just pulling them out of the box to be up and running. Like any equipment deployed in a data center, they also require regular maintenance, health monitoring to ensure proper functioning, and positive impact on the needs of the organization.


For administrators, the best way to maintain their hyper-converged data center is to employ a combination of proactive and planned maintenance. This requires training to understand the system, set alerts for software-based updates, and decide whether certain tasks can be accomplished through automation.


To get the most out of a hyperconverged data center, managers should work with vendors, IT team leads, and their own teams to determine exactly what the infrastructure will be used for and who will oversee maintenance schedules and tasks.


Adopting any type of new technology (software-based or hardware-based) in the data center requires research and planning. However, IT teams sometimes forget to have an effective maintenance plan in place to maximize the useful life of the technology.


Data Centers The hyper-converged data center maintenance playbook not only provides insights into the effective implementation of hyper-converged data center maintenance methods, but also helps managers keep data centers running 24/7 for dynamic operations and changing business needs.


misunderstood that tapes are unreliable


Some people may consider the reliability of magnetic tape to be dubious. But one might be surprised to learn that magnetic tape is actually more reliable than all other storage media formats, and even more so if implemented in the right way.


It’s hard to find a single report or study to back up claims that magnetic tape is unreliable these days. So where does this claim come from? This misconception apparently originated in the data center in the 1990s and early 2000s, when some emerging disk backup appliance vendors employed scare tactics in order to sell their products. Modern tape libraries address this portability challenge by removing as much human management headaches as possible. The library can now eject cartridges directly into the shock absorber bay.


While there is little evidence that tape is unreliable, there are numerous studies showing that tape is more reliable than disk, and this technology has been used for many years. There have also been studies showing that tape drive reliability improves over time, but none have been conclusive, and robotic arms inside tape libraries have been a significant cause of failure.

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