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Standard hot channel

Product overview:
The hot channel is a solution for the heat dissipation of the server cabinet in the computer room. The hot channel is composed of the top skylight module, the normally closed double door, the frame installation unit, the auxiliary installation parts, etc. the cold channel is closed, so that the cold air does not leak to other areas, avoids mixing with the air after heat exchange, improves the refrigeration utilization rate, effectively reduces the energy consumption in the computer room, and extends the service life of the equipment.

Airflow organization:
The cabinet adopts a “back-to-back” layout. The cold air sent out by the room level air conditioner spreads into the whole room and is sucked in by the IT equipment fan of the cabinet; The cold air absorbs the heat emitted by it equipment in the cabinet and turns into hot air, which is discharged into the channels between the rear of the cabinet to form a “hot channel”; The hot air cannot be diffused to the outside due to the closed heating channel. All of it is sucked in by the room level air conditioner. After being cooled again in the room level air conditioner, the hot air is sent to the room and enters the next cycle.

Product characteristics:
Suitable for large machine room scenarios, single cabinet power supports 1kW ~ 10kW, total power supports 24kw ~ 120kw, and total number of cabinets is 6 ~ 30
The unit is of modular design and is installed on the top of the back of the cabinet. Each unit can be installed independently and connected with adjacent units for easy disassembly and replacement.
The machine room adopts the centralized cooling mode. The cold air fills the whole machine room, is sucked into the equipment by the IT equipment fan, and the hot air converted from the absorbed heat is discharged from the rear of the cabinet into the hot channel,,
An air duct is set at the top of the hot channel to suck hot air into the air conditioner for cooling and enter the next cycle
The frame and the horizontal support of the cabinet are connected with special connection holes to increase the overall stability; In addition to strengthening the channel itself, it also needs to play a convenient expansion function; The mounting holes on the mounting bracket shall be arranged in a grid of ≥ 25mm for universal assembly.
The closed window of the channel is made of glass, which is coordinated and beautiful with the computer room as a whole. The glass used conforms to the standard of GB 15763.2-2005 safety glass for buildings, so as to prevent the impact of glass crushing on the data room and maintenance personnel.
The movable door is designed to be normally closed, and equipped with a buffer automatic closing device. Push pull handles are set on both sides to open flexibly.
The door and the frame are sealed with wool, with tight tightness, which can effectively prevent the cold air flow from escaping.
Password access control is installed on the outer side of the movable door frame of the channel, and button switches are installed on the inner side. The wiring channel is reserved in the door frame assembly, which has the functions of hiding and wiring.
The opening angle of the skylight can be flexibly adjusted according to the environment of the machine room
All power distribution, refrigeration and business operation surfaces are on the same side, which is convenient for maintenance by operation and maintenance personnel
Excellent airflow optimization design, avoid cold and hot airflow mixing, and reduce energy consumption cost
The mechanical, chemical and electrical properties of the materials, fasteners and seals used for the cold channel unit comply with Chinese national standards, communication industry standards and relevant IEC standards.
Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, phosphating, plastic spraying (color can be customized)
Green and environmental protection, the product material and surface spraying have reached the national non-toxic and harmless spraying standard
Standardized parts, de engineering and overall delivery. It can be matched in real time according to business development and rapidly expanded.
Special customer reservations are acceptable
Working environment indicators:
Working temperature: – 5 ℃ ~ 55 ℃
Storage temperature: – 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃
Working relative humidity: no more than 80% (+ 30 ℃)
Storage relative humidity: ≤ 90% ~ 96% (40 ℃± 2 ℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 65 ~ 110kpa