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Fan type outdoor Mini cabinet

Product overview:
18u fan type outdoor cabinet (sheet metal) hj-xdf-jf03 outdoor integrated cabinet is an integrated cabinet that integrates main equipment, system power supply, AC / DC power distribution, environmental monitoring, heat dissipation equipment, battery and lightning protection grounding, and provides outdoor working environment and safety management for the base station. It is mainly used in various outdoor scenarios such as roofs, streets, mountains, along the railway and high and low temperature environments.


Product features of fan type outdoor Mini cabinet
Plate welding frame structure, high frame strength;
Fan cooling is adopted, and 4 sets of medium-sized AC fans are configured, or DC type can be configured according to demand;
Cabinet material: galvanized sheet made of metal steel is 1.2mm, and the bearing part is 2.0mm (optional materials: aluminum sheet and stainless steel);
Double layer structure: the insulation layer is 20mm thick EPS plate, and the inner layer is 0.8mm steel plate;
The outdoor cabinet adopts the bottom cable mode, with a total of 6 incoming holes, which can supply power, optical fiber and cable incoming lines;
The cabinet is equipped with: column, laminate, door magnetic sensor, installation accessories, etc
The outdoor cabinet adopts anti-theft design and three-point fixed lock. The screws are set inside the cabinet and invisible outside, which can prevent self disassembly.
Surface treatment: degreasing, pickling, rust prevention and phosphating, electrostatic spraying, outdoor cabinet adopts imported outdoor powder spraying and baking, and the coating conforms to GB / T 3181-2008
Requirements in.
The anti-destructive performance of locks shall meet the class B requirements in GA / T 73-1994, and the lightning protection design of outdoor integrated equipment cabinet shall meet YD 5098-2005
Code for design of lightning protection and grounding engineering of Communication Bureau (station).
The cabinet supports 19 inch (iec297) standard racks, and supports the installation of various devices that meet the requirements of 19 inch (iec297) size installation space.
The protection level of the cabinet shall be above IP55;
The cabinet can be wall mounted and floor mounted;
The cabinet can be customized according to needs;

Working environment indicators:
Working temperature: – 20 ℃ – + 60 ℃.
Storage temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ + 65 ℃
Working relative humidity: no more than 80% (+ 30 ℃)
Storage relative humidity: ≤ 90% ~ 96% (40 ℃± 2 ℃)
Atmospheric pressure: 70 ~ 106kpa


Hj-xdf-jf03 product configuration table
S / N name specification quantity unit remark
1. One set of 18u fan type outdoor cabinet, including columns and internal structural parts, meets the installation space of 18u equipment
Double layer structure
2. Laminate, L-shaped bracket * set (1-3 pieces)
3. Fan: medium, 2 groups, AC and DC optional
4. Wall hanging parts: 1 set
5. Door magnetic sensor 1 set
6. One lamp
7. Distribution unit: 1 set of AC and DC (optional)
8. Monitoring unit * set optional (sensor optional)
9. Other configurations * sets optional (can be customized according to customer needs)
10. 1 set of grounding bar device
12. Accessories installation: 1 set of accessories (standard configuration)