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Urban outdoor beautification machine room

Our company has strong mobile house design and manufacturing capabilities, and is favored by large communication equipment manufacturers and operators; At the same time, our company has become a partner of Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom and other outdoor integrated computer rooms.

Product introduction
1、 Machine room structure
1. The wall panel and roof panel of the machine room are made of high-strength pressed steel insulation sandwich panels.
2. The four corners of the machine room are formed with steel plate columns, which form a solid overall steel structure connection with the steel structure platform, wall panel, roof panel and steel frame.
3. The feeder window and air conditioner of the machine room are treated with concealed anti-theft structure and connected with profiled steel plate to ensure the overall anti-theft performance of the machine room. Its appearance is beautiful and generous.
4. The roof adopts unique trough cover structure waterproof and slope deep tile trench roof structure, forming a closed roof waterproof system through profiled steel plate.
5. The installation of the machine room is fast and the demolition is convenient; Colors and specifications can be made according to customer requirements.
6. Application orientation of computer room: urban street, green belt, park, field, roof, island, etc.

2、 Characteristics of machine room
1. The material shall be firm, heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti leakage, lightning protection, anti-static and anti parasite; Good integrity, air tightness, impact resistance and anti-theft.
2. The seismic fortification intensity is 8 degrees; It can resist force 8 winds.
3. The combustion performance grade reaches the national safety index of grade B2.
Reference size: w2850mm * d2100mm * h2300mm