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Armored machine room


Product Description:
On the basis of the original color steel plate machine room, the armour machine room has enhanced the external resistance of the outer layer and effectively stopped conventional man-made damage. Higher temperature resistance and longer service life. It can be used as the operator’s communication room, equipment room, integrated center room, etc.

Product features:
1. Suitable for stations in severe weather conditions and high-risk areas.
2. Plate type installation, convenient assembly, fast establishment, and improved the speed of distribution.
3. There are no exposed installation screws, and the anti-theft property is 2-4 times that of ordinary color steel plank houses.
4. The outer plate material is 2mm aluminum zinc plated plate, and the thermal reflectance is twice that of zinc plated plate, with good thermal insulation effect; The inner layer is made of 75mm thick color steel sandwich panel insulation material.
Configuration and model selection: the machine room can be customized according to needs; Wiring rack, grounding copper bar, feed window and vent can be equipped.