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Chinese companies are expected to break the monopoly of international giants in high-end data communication cables

Recently, the Chinese letter group chengdu datang 8 kinds of digital communication cable products, teri won consecutive communication equipment inspection co., LTD. Channel link and permanent link detection qualified test report, the Shanghai cable co., LTD., cable monomer qualified test report means that Chinese enterprises in the key technical level, production process and performance index has reached the international level, It is expected to break the monopoly of international giants in domestic and foreign markets, and promote the standardization of relevant domestic products.


Everything connected age, autopilot, remote medical treatment, industry, such as artificial intelligence application in endlessly, Internet operators from all over the world to speed up the 5 g network deployment, formed a “high” bandwidth “ultra low delay” “full connectivity” network capabilities, it puts forward higher requirements on data transmission, using Wan Zhao network will become inevitable. Compared with the current mainstream products on the market, the maximum working frequency of the eight-class digital communication cable is increased by 20 times, up to 2000MHz; The signal transmission rate is increased by 40 times, up to 40 GBPS; With the characteristics of low transmission delay, high transmission rate, low bit error rate and high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), it is a relatively high-end product in the series of digital communication cable products, and will also be the mainstream product of 5G business applications in data centers and high-end intelligent buildings in the future. Eight kinds of cable technology complex, high production equipment requirements, in our market, not only by the foreign giants monopoly, but also there is no product standard specification.


The international standard ISO 11801.1 and TIA 568.2-D have officially listed the relevant requirements of eight types of cables into the standard and issued and implemented externally in 2017 and 2018 respectively, but there is no standard specification in China for the time being. China Communications Standardization Association (CCSA) designated by Chengdu Datang, plans to carry out the revision and update of YD/T 1019 “digital communication polyolefin insulation level pair cable” standard in 2022, which includes the implementation standard of eight new types of cables.


Chengdu Datang is a formal member of CCSA Transmission Network and Access Network Technical Working Committee (TC6). It undertakes the preparation of a large number of national and industrial standards in the association. The YD/T 1019 “Digital Communication Polyolefin Insulation Level pair Cable”, which is the industrial implementation standard of domestic digital communication cable, is taken the lead in the preparation. With more than 50 years of communication optical cable r&d background, with international advanced Finland wheat rafael bubble “leather three-layer coextrusion series insulation production line, through the unremitting efforts and development repeatedly, chengdu datang in the process of production to keep the height of the foam and concentricity consistency (99.9% or higher), ensure the product attenuation, characteristic impedance and return loss and transmission performance metrics. The successful research and development of this product will provide reliable data support for the revision of YD/T 1019 to add class 8.1 and class 8.2 cable standards, and lay a good foundation for the addition of domestic standard specifications for eight classes of cables.