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Wiring effect of network cabinet

Network server cabinet? The demand for IT equipment in our country is on the rise, and the business of each data center is developing rapidly. It often happens that the existing configuration of the data center that has just been built and put into use cannot meet the demand within one or two years.

The expansion of the traditional data center in the later period does not have installation or installation is very difficult. Large, resulting in repeated construction and large waste of investment. The modular data center mainly includes a series of power equipment with modular design, such as uninterruptible power supply, refrigeration system, rack and remote monitoring system, etc., and the related modules are combined through a simple interface to form a complete data center. center.

No matter what size the enterprise is currently in or what industry it is engaged in, it can customize the modular data center according to its own needs, and gradually expand the scale of the data center to meet more IT needs as business development demands. This means that enterprises can have several times the computing power in the future without any impact on the functionality or design of the existing data center. That’s what’s most charming about it.

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The type of board, coating material, and processing technology determine the stability of the cabinet. Generally, its length specifications are 600, 800mm, width specifications are 600, 800, 1000mm, and height specifications are 42U, 36U, 27U. Most of the cabinets used in the early days were made of castings or angle steels connected or welded into the cabinet frame by screws, rivets, and then made of cover plates (doors) made of thin steel plates. This kind of cabinet is bulky, heavy, and crude in shape, and has been eliminated. With the use of transistors and integrated circuits and the miniaturization of various components, the structure of the cabinet is also developing in the direction of miniaturization and building blocks. The cabinet has developed from the whole panel structure in the past to a box and plug-in structure with a certain size series.

There are two types of assembly and arrangement of subracks and plug-ins: horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement. Cabinet materials generally use thin steel plates, steel profiles of various cross-sectional shapes, aluminum profiles, and various engineering plastics. The frame of the cabinet is not only welded and screwed, but also bonded.

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The network cabinet is the link to connect to the Internet, and it is one of the indispensable facilities in the computer room facilities. The network server cabinet is used to combine installation panels, plug-ins, sub-boxes, electronic components, devices and mechanical parts and components to form an integral installation box. According to the current types, there are server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network cabinets, standard cabinets, intelligent protective outdoor cabinets, etc. The capacity value is between 2U and 43U.

After all the processes are installed, debug the network cabinet. Generally, the debugging of the network cabinet is to place a leveling rod in two mutually perpendicular directions on the top of it, and check the level of the network machine. For the network server cabinet, turn the screw on the feet to adjust the height of the network machine so that it reaches a horizontal position. Then lock the locking nuts on the feet of the cabinet so that the locking nuts are close to the bottom surface of the cabinet. Thus, the operation steps of the entire network cabinet are completed.

Standard cabinet

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In the daily operation and maintenance process of the data center, it is not only necessary to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment in the data center, but also to reasonably control the energy consumption. Therefore, during the operation of the air conditioning system, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the dynamic environment monitoring. If the temperature is set too low, the energy consumption will increase significantly. Network server cabinets, therefore, in our daily work, the temperature and humidity settings should be within the A-level standard range, and the balance between cooling capacity and heat generation should be well controlled, and the ambient temperature and humidity in the computer room can be controlled by controlling the air supply volume.

The network server cabinet can avoid the problem of wind short circuit. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the problem of uneven temperature distribution. Only by solving the problem of air distribution reasonably can it be completely eliminated. Rackmount server cabinet? The air-conditioning load of the computer room mainly comes from the heat generated by computer equipment, external equipment and equipment in the computer room, accounting for more than 80% of the total heat, followed by lighting heat, conduction heat, radiant heat, etc. These calculation methods are different from those of general air-conditioned rooms. Load calculations are the same. Computer manufacturers can generally provide specific values for the heat generated by the equipment. Otherwise, calculate its calorific value according to the power consumption of the computer. The total power of various equipment in the computer room should be based on the maximum power consumption of the equipment in the computer room, but the power consumption is not all converted into heat, so it must be corrected with the above three coefficients, and these coefficients are related to the computer system. It is related to the structure, function, use, working status and electronic components used. The total coefficient is generally between 0.6 and 0.9 as well.

Rack server cabinet