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When installing outdoor cabinets, consider monitoring system functions

As we all know, a complete cabinet is composed of a control system and a cabinet. As the carrier of the control system, the cabinet plays a protective role for the equipment. If we choose an unreasonable cabinet, it will cause abnormal use of the equipment inside the cabinet.




1, heat dissipation performance, outdoor cabinet in the process of use will generate heat, and outdoor UV strong will also cause the increase of the cabinet internal temperature, temperature is too high will cause the cabinet equipment can not be used normally.




2, rain and dust proof, outdoor weather often changes, rain when it rains into the cabinet will cause a short circuit, so that the equipment can not work properly or even damage, so we must choose a rain and dust proof cabinet equipment.




3, good corrosion resistance, outdoor cabinet for a long time in the outdoor room outside, long-term in a humid environment, easy to rust, so corrosion resistance is very important.




4, prevent theft, generally speaking large cabinet cost is higher, and there is no one to watch the outdoor cabinet, so it should have anti-theft.




Computer room environment monitoring system is the use of computer network, database, communication, automatic control, such as new sensing technology, the computer room environment and room for centralized monitoring and management of all equipment, for each system and equipment running in the computer room provide highly stable and reliable monitoring information resources, and effectively improve the efficiency of computer room management and provide a safe and comfortable working environment.




The ambient humidity in the equipment room is 40%-55%. If the ambient humidity is too high or too low, the equipment in the equipment room cannot work properly. Temperature and humidity transmitters are installed in important positions, and the temperature and humidity data of each measuring point are collected through them in the outdoor room. The system displays the data intuitively in the form of digital curves on the platform interface.




If the learning air conditioner control module is installed in the room, the air conditioner parameters (temperature, humidity, temperature upper and lower limits, humidity upper and lower limits, etc.) can be remotely modified through the room environment monitoring system platform according to the temperature changes in the room, and the precision air conditioner can be restarted.




The smoke alarm adopts microprocessor, which can detect 360° in all direction. When the smoke enters the ionization chamber, the smoke particles will scatter part of the light beam to the photosensor. When the light beam scattered on the sensor reaches a certain degree, the buzzer inside the device will sound and light alarm.




Power supply equipment into the water is likely to cause a short circuit, so once the room leakage accident, is likely to bring hundreds of thousands of outdoor room loss. Install a water immersion transmitter in the equipment room to extend the leakage detection rope, and use line detection to check whether there is water leakage. Surround the affected area. After water leakage occurs, the water will contact the detection line and send an alarm.




As the core business support platform of the enterprise, the security of the equipment room is very important. An infrared detector and an access control system consisting of a controller, an inductive card reader, an electronic lock, and an open button are installed at the entrance of the equipment room to effectively monitor and manage the security of people entering and exiting the equipment room. Video surveillance can also be integrated to correctly identify illegal intruders.




To effectively prevent power failure in the equipment room, install a power failure alarm in the equipment room to monitor the mains power in real time. In case of power failure, the system sends an alarm message to the administrator immediately and starts the backup battery in time to ensure the continuity of the equipment room.


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