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What is an integrated wiring electronic distribution frame?

The application of electronic distribution frame in general wiring can be said to bring great changes to wiring engineering and later maintenance. Then, what is electronic distribution frame for general wiring? What is the function of the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame? Let’s go and find out together.



What is the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame

Electronic distribution frame, E-panel or Patch Panel in English, also known as “integrated wiring management system” or “intelligent wiring management system”, etc. Its basic functions are:

  1. Guide jumpers, including those guided by LED lights, guided by text on the display, and guided by sounds and cabinet ceiling lights;
  2. Record jumper operations in real time and form log files;
  3. Save all link information in database;
  4. Log in to the system remotely via Web.

We collectively refer to the patch panels with the above functions as: electronic patch panels. At present, the electronic distribution frame on the market can be divided into two types according to its principle: port detection type distribution frame and link detection type distribution frame, and according to the wiring structure, it can be divided into single distribution frame (Inter Connection) and double distribution. Wire frame method (Cross Connection), according to the type of jumper can be divided into ordinary jumper and 9-pin jumper, according to the production process of the patch panel can be divided into the original type and the sensor strip type.

What is the function of the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame

Using the electronic distribution frame can greatly reduce the manual error of the staff and the confusion of the database caused by the alternation of the staff. Electronic patch panels can

  1. The link relationship of jumpers between patch panels can be detected in real time;
  2. The detected link relationship can be generated into a database in real time;
  3. The database can be automatically updated in real time according to the detected jumping changes;

The first of these three principles is the key and the soul of the entire electronic distribution frame. If a so-called electronic distribution frame cannot detect in real time whether the two ends of each jumper are connected to the two ports, the system loses the meaning of managing the distribution frame.

With this function, many other very practical functions can be derived, such as LED lights to guide jumper operation and so on. In fact, the latter two principles are also derived from the first one. The emphasis here is real-time detection, that is to say, once two ports are connected, or the link between two ports is disconnected, the system can detect it immediately, and the delay time is calculated in seconds.

By the way, if the connection relationship is not detected, but manually entered into the system, then this system can only be regarded as a wiring record management software at best, and it must not be called an electronic distribution frame.

The second thing to emphasize is to generate the database, and it must be generated in real time. The meaning is that even if the system is powered off, all database data will be lost, and once the power supply is restored, the system can immediately re-scan the link relationship of each port and generate a new database immediately.

The third principle is relatively easy to understand, that is, once someone performs a jumper operation, whether it is disconnected or connected, the system should detect it immediately and immediately update the database according to the link relationship just detected. What I want to emphasize here is that the jumper operation is unconditional. The system only cares whether the two ports at the two ends of the jumper are connected or disconnected. The number of jumpers has nothing to do with the plugging sequence of the jumper plugs.

With these three most basic functions, the electronic distribution frame can derive many other very useful functions, such as LED guide jumper function, jumper operation error correction function, etc. Let’s explain how they work,

The LED guide jumper is a function that the electronic distribution frame uses the LED light to guide the network management personnel to complete the jumper operation. The network management personnel must first call out the port information to be jump-connected in the database. It should be emphasized here that the database owned by the electronic distribution frame that can meet the above principles is 100% accurate.

Based on this information, the network administrator can issue instructions to the two ports that need to be connected or disconnected, so that the LED indicators on the two ports start to flash or keep on. At the same time, the electronic distribution frame system will retain this instruction, waiting for the change of the jumper relationship of the distribution frame. When the network management personnel go to the distribution frame, they can use jumpers to connect the two ports or unplug the jumpers on the two ports according to the instructions of the LED lights.

When the network management personnel are doing these operations, the electronic distribution frame system is constantly detecting all ports, including these two ports of course. Whenever the jumper link relationship between distribution frames changes, the electronic distribution frame system will compare it with the instruction saved just now. If the change of the link relationship is the same as that required by the instruction just now, it means that the operation of the network administrator correct. If the new link relationship is not the same as the instruction, the electronic distribution frame system will instruct the network management personnel to correct the previous operation through the LED light until the new link relationship meets the requirements of the instruction.

The use of electronic distribution frames greatly reduces the working pressure of the staff, and the connectivity of the network is controlled to the greatest extent, which simplifies the planning and operation of the network, facilitates maintenance and management, and maximizes the use of the entire physical layer infrastructure, thereby increasing Enterprise return on investment (RIO).



The above is the whole content of what is the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame and what is the role of the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame. In fact, the biggest function of the integrated wiring electronic distribution frame is to control the connectivity of the network to the greatest extent. The wire rack simplifies the planning and operation of the network and facilitates maintenance and management.

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