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What do carriers need to change from the point of view of users being subjected to 5G

In November, a topic of “being 5G” became a hot search, with more than 90 million reads, and this time is exactly the first anniversary of the commercial use of 5G packages of the three major carriers. After a year of vigorous promotion, “being 5G” may be the most vivid description of the current situation of the industry. In daily life, the ubiquitous advertisements promoting 5G packages give people the most profound impression of 5G — fast, using 5G, you can be one step ahead of others, which also attracts many people’s hearts. So, is it necessary for carriers to make 5G available to users passively, and how should 5G be promoted in the future?


For users first, use the 5 g should be the choice of their own, is not under the premise that do not know the 5 g passive use, the 4 g is good enough for most users, but the effect of 5 g apparently will be better, operators have invested a lot of money on the 5 g, so want to be able to recover the cost of early is necessarily a choice, Therefore, it is inevitable for operators to promote 5G more vigorously. However, users’ right to use 4G should not be cancelled because of the large amount of 5G investment, and a conspicuous entrance should be set aside for 4G services. At the same time, operators should also increase the science popularization of the differences between 5G and 4G, so that users can make a more rational choice between 4G and 5G.


Meanwhile, some media reported that after the carrier quietly removed some 4G plans, the purpose is to promote 5G plans, which is to “force” customers to choose 5G.


As they attach great importance to user service experience, do operators really reduce the number of 4G packages to expand profit income, and promote “consumption upgrade” by “service downgrade”? In fact, the decline in 4G plans has nothing to do with forcing users to upgrade to 5G. Why are 4G plans suddenly less available? The partial withdrawal of 4G packages is partly due to ministerial directives. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has repeatedly said that users have the most demands on carriers’ tariff packages, such as not knowing how to choose from a wide variety of packages, and asked carriers to reduce the number of packages. In 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission issued a Notice on Carrying out Special actions to Deeply Promote Broadband Network Speed and Fee Reduction to Support high-quality Economic Development 2019, which specifically pointed out that the free choice of users should be guaranteed, and the number of packages sold by telecom enterprises should be reduced by more than 15%.


Current 5 g is still in an initial stage, the network needs to have enough users, also need to have enough applications to form a virtuous circle, but is not possible to achieve a more perfect from the start, so in the early must have a process of adaptation, operators also need to guarantee the reasonable application of network resources, avoid because it affects the 5 g 4 g networks, At the same time, we need to strengthen publicity to let users understand the advantages of 5G. At the same time, we need to jointly promote 5G applications and 5G terminals in all aspects of the industrial chain, and develop some preferential measures appropriately, so as to avoid the phenomenon of users being affected by 5G. The operation of 5G network has just begun, and there is bound to be a process of development in the future. In particular, industrial Internet and other TO B terminals are important scenarios for 5G application. Blindly focusing on fast speed may not fully tap the advantages of 5G. Operators need to constantly optimize the deployment of the network so that 5G can be better promoted among users. It is an inevitable trend that operators hope to recover the investment in 5G network as soon as possible, but the development of 5G network will not happen overnight. It is necessary to learn from the experience in 4G promotion, so that users do not understand 5G from the beginning.