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use of optical splitter

As one of the important passive components in optical fiber links, the optical splitter is a fiber optic tandem device with multiple input and output ports, which can connect the central office and terminal equipment and realize the splitting of optical fibers. In FTTH passive optical important role in the network. With the continuous development of optical fiber communication, the demand for optical splitters will also continue to expand.

When using the optical fiber splitter, special attention should be paid to the protection of the optical fiber, dust prevention and cleaning are essential. The following is a brief usage method and precautions:

before use:

Before use, the following preparations need to be done:

Prepare absolute alcohol and dust-free wiping paper, use clean finger cots for cleaning operations, and prepare standard adapters. If conditions permit, it is best to prepare a portable light magnifying glass with at least 200 times.


When in use, unpack the product and check whether the product is intact and whether the product channel has dust-proof protective equipment. Then, select the corresponding optical fiber connector for connection according to the model of the product. Before connecting, clean the end face of the fiber optic connector. Spread the wiping paper dipped in alcohol on the desktop, at least three layers. When wiping, wipe in one direction along the angle of the ceramic surface, and do not wipe back and forth to prevent damage to the end face. .

After cleaning:

Separate the input and output ports, then remove the dust guard and install the connector. When installing the connector, keep the key surface of the connector consistent with the notch surface of the adapter, and insert it horizontally along the adapter, and then observe whether the white line on the connector is flush with the edge of the adapter, and whether the installation is in place.

Finally, connect the input terminal and each output terminal to the test system in turn, and determine whether the optical indicators meet the requirements.

the optical module , it is required to move gently and insert it facing the optical port. If you insert it with too much force or obliquely, the optical module may be damaged; the optical module should avoid long-term exposure. When the module is not in use, be sure to plug the dust cap in time to prevent dust from entering the optical module and affecting its performance. Store the dustproof cap in a dustproof and clean place when not in use; the fiber optic connector is inserted horizontally to the optical port to avoid scratches on the end face and the sleeve.

When the insertion loss of the optical splitter is too large, check the following points:

  1. Is the end face of the jumper connector clean?
  2. Whether the connector end face of the optical splitter is clean
  3. Whether the adapter ceramic tube is clean
  4. The bending radius of the inlet and outlet fibers shall not be less than 30mm, and shall not be squeezed by external force.