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Transformation to digital intelligence – becoming an industry trend of ODN

A few days ago, the “White Paper on Next-Generation ODN Network Construction Solutions” compiled by the China Communications Enterprise Association was officially released. As a physical facility connecting communication equipment rooms and broadband user equipment, when ODN is mentioned, various scenarios come to mind: complex operations, numerous processes, sophisticated tools, and chaotic resources.

Traditional ODN network construction faces challenges of high cost, low efficiency, and difficult operation and maintenance . The main reasons for the high cost of network construction are: the OLT is placed in the CO equipment room, the coverage distance is long, and the manpower and installation costs are high; under the strategy of thin coverage and long access, the success rate of off-hook is high, but the success rate of one-time on-site is relatively low. Low; Insufficient planning resources, wasteful investment in capacity expansion, lack of planning, repeated construction; and it is difficult to apply the right of way during the construction process, and it is difficult to deploy cables buried in the ground.

Among them, ODN accounts for 70% of household broadband investment and is an important part of broadband construction. Therefore, ODN is bound to take the lead in realizing the digital and intelligent transformation of the network, and it is extremely urgent to promote the evolution of ODN to the next generation of “flexibility and scalability, easy maintenance and deployment, high reliability, and precise resource management”. The construction of a new type of ODN is imperative.

Currently, ODN is developing in the direction of pre-connection and digitization. The DQ ODN solution provided by Huawei greatly improves ODN deployment efficiency and port resource accuracy through pre-connection technology and digital image recognition technology, making ODN an easy-to-deploy, visible, and manageable intelligent optical distribution network.

With the continuous development of digital ODN technology, Huawei has proposed the “optical iris” solution. With the help of optical signal coherent analysis technology, it supports automatic detection and analysis of ODN link loading, and realizes dynamic real-time restoration of ODN network topology and minute-level faults. Diagnosis and meter-level fault location greatly improve the efficiency of network operation and maintenance. LightCounting believes that intelligent optical fiber technology represents the future of the third generation ODN (Digital ODN).

In recent years, as new FTTH network construction scenarios such as mobile fixed network construction and remote village fiber coverage have become hot spots, operators have increasingly strong demands for FTTH construction that is efficient, low-cost, high-quality, and easy to operate and maintain. Digital-smart ODN is gradually replacing traditional ODN and becoming the mainstream of the ODN industry, helping operators deploy networks efficiently.