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“top station”

ETC smart cabinet? Shanghai Huijue has been specializing in the production of outdoor cabinets for nearly 20 years, providing communication network solutions, IDC computer room manufacturers are selected, the computer room can be customized, the product specifications are complete, and the price is more favorable.

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As the carrier of electrical equipment, outdoor cabinets must have excellent structural design, solid materials, and firm bottom fixing to meet the requirements of strong typhoons, strong rainstorms, and even strong earthquakes. At the same time, the cabinet should meet the requirements of anti-leakage, anti-short circuit, and anti-cutting to ensure the safety of outdoor cabinet equipment.

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The cabinet body has the functions of power monitoring and temperature control monitoring. It monitors the AC power distribution, DC power distribution, temperature in the cabinet and air conditioner status in the cabinet, and reports the information of each component to the dynamic environment monitoring (FSU) to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Eliminate equipment problems in time, greatly improving the service life and operation and maintenance efficiency of the cabinet.


ETC gantry system integrated intelligent cabinet

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I believe everyone is interested in “ETC comprehensive detection intelligent cabinet? Shanghai Huijue will introduce a new type of mobile emergency communication base station with good performance and price. It replaces the emergency communication vehicle to complete temporary emergency communication tasks, so it is called “top station” by operators.

ETC comprehensive detection intelligent cabinet?