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Three-in-one fiber distribution box

The three-in-one fiber distribution box broke the previous monopoly of radio and television in the field of content delivery and telecommunications in the field of broadband operation, and clarified the criteria for mutual entry-under the condition that conditions are met, radio and television enterprises can operate value-added telecommunications services, compared with value-added telecommunications Basic telecommunications services for business management, Internet access services based on cable networks, etc.; under the supervision of relevant departments, state-owned telecommunications companies can engage in the production and production of radio and television programs other than political programs, and the transmission of Internet audio-visual program signals , Rebroadcast current political news audio-visual program services, IPTV transmission services, mobile TV distribution services, etc.


The characteristics of the three-in-one distribution box: one of the core goals of the three-network integration is to open up and upgrade the existing scattered and independent radio and television networks, communication networks, and the Internet. When these information transmission channels are unblocked, it is bound to be It has a major impact on all links of the existing industrial chain (for example, telecom operators, cable TV network operators, IT companies, Internet companies, online video companies, consumers, etc.), and it is more conducive to promoting relevant policies (for example, broadband Speed ​​increase and fee reduction, digital cultural content consumption, information consumption, industrial transformation and promotion, etc.).

The characteristics of the three-in-one fiber distribution box: During the evolution process of the telecommunication network, the radio and television network, and the Internet to the broadband communication network, digital TV network, and next-generation Internet, the three major networks have undergone technological transformation, and their technical functions have become mature. The scope tends to be the same, network interconnection, resource sharing, and can provide users with various services such as voice, data, and radio and television. The triple merger does not mean the physical integration of the three major networks, but mainly refers to the integration of high-level business applications. The integration of three networks is widely used in many fields such as intelligent transportation, environmental protection, government work, public safety, and safe home furnishing. In the future, mobile phones can watch TV and surf the Internet, TV can play and surf the Internet, and computers can also play and watch TV. The three intersect with each other to form a pattern of me in you and you in me.