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This section describes the requirements for monitoring devices in the equipment room

Monitoring equipment in the equipment room




(1) The precision air conditioner dedicated to the equipment room is an intelligent device. As long as it is equipped with an intelligent interface, the operating parameters of the air conditioner can be monitored comprehensively.




(2) Ordinary air conditioning: through the modification of air conditioning circuit, or the use of air conditioning infrared controller, the state of the mains, fan, compressor and alarm information processing, according to the temperature change control air conditioning start and stop.




(3) Temperature and humidity monitoring




By collecting the temperature and humidity data monitored by the temperature and humidity sensor, the equipment room monitors the outdoor equipment room system to record and display the temperature and humidity data and change curves of each area of the equipment room in real time with an intuitive picture, as well as the out-of-bounds alarm information processing.




(4) Image and video surveillance




Image monitoring system adopts the concept of video configuration, the image of each channel is randomly inserted into a certain interface in the way of control configuration. For large monitoring system, it is very convenient to centrally manage the data and image interface of each site in the way of electronic map.




(5) Water leakage monitoring system




Water leakage detection in the equipment room is to monitor the possible water leakage in the outdoor equipment room, such as the air conditioner or the window. It detects any water leakage by collecting the alarm signal of the leakage detection engine.




Power system requirements for data center equipment room construction projects




  1. The electronic information system room should be powered by a special distribution transformer or special circuit. The transformer should be dry type transformer, and double circuit power supply should be provided in a strict sense.




  1. The electronic information equipment shall be powered by the uninterruptible power supply system.




  1. The distribution of electronic information equipment should be made of a special distribution box (cabinet) in the outdoor room, and the special distribution box (cabinet) should be installed close to the electrical equipment.




4, A class electronic information system room should be equipped with a backup diesel generator system, when the mains failure, the backup diesel generator should be able to bear the needs of all the load.




  1. The current electricity consumption of the information management office is 50Kw/h. If it is expanded to all units in the city, it is estimated that 10 times the calculation amount is 500Kw/h (just a rough estimate). But in order to meet future demand, the power supply capacity should be increased as much as possible.


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