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The use of nanopower development

Although nano batteries are inferior to lithium batteries in terms of volume and cycle life, compared with lead-acid batteries, sodium batteries are superior in terms of energy density and cycle life. Comparing with the “Lithium-ion battery industry standard conditions (2021 version)”, the current sodium battery has basically met the requirements of energy storage batteries and some power batteries.

The energy density of sodium electricity is very close to that of the current mainstream lithium iron phosphate, and it can take the lead in replacing the current key service field of lithium iron phosphate batteries – energy storage.

From the point of view of characteristics, sodium electricity will be the first to be applied in the fields of electric two-wheeled vehicles and energy storage. Looking back at the development history of sodium batteries and lithium batteries, they all entered the research stage in the 1970s.

However, because of the gap in energy density, the research on sodium batteries was shelved for a while, and lithium batteries were one step ahead to catch up with the wave of energy storage and new energy. The commercialization of sodium batteries is currently in its infancy. Once it comes back, after all, with the development experience of lithium batteries in the past 20 to 30 years, the development of sodium batteries will be much smoother.

At present, the commercialization of sodium electricity is still in its infancy: According to the research situation: the company mainly develops the plan of sodium electricity business, and the official production of sodium electricity in 2023 is expected to exceed 10GWh. The cost advantage of sodium electricity will become more obvious after the actual mass production of sodium electricity is realized. Once the price of lithium battery materials is high, this will force the industrialization of sodium batteries, and there may be new solutions to check and balance with lithium batteries, so that the price of lithium battery materials can be truly stabilized.

On the other hand, there are many new battery competitors: In addition to the high utilization rate of lithium batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and vanadium batteries, which are highly discussed, can be compared with sodium batteries… In addition, the demand side may also wait Not so long: According to the prediction of Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, my country’s power battery production capacity may reach 3,000GWh in 2025, and there will be a surplus. After overcapacity, the price of raw materials for lithium batteries is expected to drop to a relatively low level, and the best time for the development of sodium batteries may have passed.

However, the technical flywheel of sodium electricity can at least relieve the pressure on lithium batteries in the energy storage and low-end electric vehicle markets. Moreover, the raw material resources of sodium electricity are self-controllable and not suppressed by other countries, so they will also be very competitive in the international arena.