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The role of the head cabinet in the data center computer room

The head cabinet is a device that provides network wiring transmission services or power distribution management for cabinets arranged in rows or divided by functional areas, and is generally located at the end of a row of cabinets. Usually the front cabinet is called the head cabinet, and the end cabinet is called the tail cabinet. Its main function is to provide power to the AC or DC loads of this row of cabinets, and to perform functions such as power distribution, monitoring, measurement, protection, and alarming.

The top cabinet is similar to a cabinet-type distribution box, and many circuit breakers are concentrated inside. The power distribution circuit in the computer room is generally connected by two-way mains power. First, it enters the mains power distribution box, one part is for UPS, the other part is for air conditioners and lighting, and ordinary sockets. Connect to the PDU of each cabinet after the head cabinet and then to the load.

Functional characteristics of the top cabinet:

(1) The top cabinet is a special equipment for the computer room, and it is also the core equipment of the computer room. The top cabinet is based on HMI, and through the modular structure of Ethernet and RS485 bus, it can effectively control the power micro-environment of the top cabinet, which can Realize remote monitoring and remote monitoring functions, and monitor the operation of the equipment at any time across the country through the IP address.

(2) The head cabinet can constantly monitor the current of each output shunt, and can set the warning value of the abnormal current of each output shunt. For example, if the 16A switch sets the alarm value to 15A, it will alarm when the load exceeds 15A. To detect faults or hidden dangers of human operation in advance, to avoid overload, the circuit breaker cuts off the power supply, causing the entire cabinet equipment to be powered off.

(3) In addition, the output branch uses a hot-swappable circuit breaker, which has the ability to adjust the phase of the power supply, and can easily realize the flexible adjustment of the 3-phase unbalance. It can also increase the output branch online and replace the switch in the case of uninterrupted power supply. .

(4) Compared with other similar products, the advantage of the top cabinet is also reflected in the integrated design. It integrates the mains input cabinet, mains output cabinet, UPS input cabinet and UPS output cabinet UPS bypass cabinet, which greatly reduces The overall complexity of the system saves investment, the assembly and commissioning are completed in the original factory, and the strict system test is passed to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire power distribution system.

This also allows non-electrical engineers to easily operate the power distribution system during use and maintenance. The entire system adopts a modular structure design, which can be tailored according to the actual needs of the customer’s computer room, providing customers with a highly reliable, highly flexible and humanized integrated power distribution solution.