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The relationship between the data center cabinet elements and the data center

As the data center becomes more and more complex, the management of its information room area (WhiteSpace, that is, the raised floor area where the cabinets are set) is becoming more and more important. Therefore, your organization will have to have a good understanding of how the subsystems in your company’s data center cabinet form a system that supports information and communication technology (ICT) equipment.


The fundamental purpose of an equipment rack is to stack equipment vertically. When choosing a cabinet size for your business, it means having a floor space that is assigned a specific size to store a certain amount of equipment. This involves two major considerations: the cabinet footprint and the cabinet’s carrying capacity.


In order to optimize the structure of the cabinet system in your enterprise data center, please be sure to consider the following when selecting a cabinet.


Data Centers Deeper cabinets support proper power, cable and airflow management: The cabinet footprint is the floor space that the cabinet will use. The volume of the cabinet needs to be deeper than the equipment and include additional space for airflow management, cable management and power distribution accessories.


For data center sites with rack-level deployments: If your enterprise employs a system integrator that loads equipment into your racks and then deploys the integrated racks to your data center site, the racks require specified rolling loads and loads are transported, and casters need to be rated to support those loads. These values may differ from typical static loads, which are the loads that occur when the cabinet is connected to the building structure.


For a data center located in an earthquake-prone area: If the cabinet is deployed in a potential earthquake-prone area, the cabinet needs special anchoring for the data center and may require additional support. Enterprises may consider choosing anti-seismic cabinets specially designed for earthquake areas. In addition to standard load testing, these cabinets also require shaking table testing to ensure high loads on equipment.


For a long time, cabinets have been regarded as low-value and accessory products for housing servers in IT applications, and have not been taken seriously. However, low-value cabinets are the most direct physical protection for expensive IT equipment. The practice of emphasizing IT equipment itself but ignoring its IT microenvironment is leading many data centers to the brink of danger.


How can this imbalance be broken? APC, which has been committed to the research of network critical physical infrastructure (NCPI) for a long time, has conducted research on a large number of data centers around the world, and summed up the demand for cabinets in data centers into four aspects.

The data center is thermal management, cable management, cabinet power distribution, compatibility and other advanced features. The NetShelter series cabinets launched by APC systematically solve the problems of high-density heat dissipation, a large number of cable attachment and management, large-capacity power distribution and full compatibility with rack-mounted equipment from different manufacturers in the application of the cabinet, so that the data center can be installed in the rack. run in a highly available environment.


How to solve the heat dissipation problem of the computer room, especially the cabinet?

After studying various problems encountered in the heat dissipation of thousands of data center cabinets, and using thermal imaging technology and fluid dynamics theory for research, APC innovatively proposed an effective solution for the computer room , Cabinet cooling methods, and according to different cabinet cooling requirements, design corresponding cabinet cooling solutions, and systematically solve the heat management problems of various computer rooms and cabinets.

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