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The network security management and monitoring functions of the equipment room are diversified

Network security management in the equipment room




  1. The newly purchased equipment should be carefully checked before installation and use. Take precautions against virus infection before use, and put into formal operation after normal test operation.




  1. Do not connect the equipment in the equipment room to the Internet.




  1. For network equipment and servers, different user accounts should be established, and different user operation rights should be granted, and then registered and recorded. Disable the guest account and delete unnecessary, expired, and shared accounts from the server. The relevant information and operation status must be collected regularly and reported to the superior.




4 In the outdoor equipment room, set the server login timeout lock. If you do not perform any operation for more than 10 minutes, the server will be locked. You need to re-authenticate and log in.




  1. The local login and remote login of the secret-related servers, terminals, and applications involved in the system must be authenticated and associated with security audit to ensure the availability of security events in the system.




6, prohibit any department and individual is prohibited to carry out penetration test, is prohibited to attack other network host, is prohibited to spread the virus.




7, strictly implement the computer operation rules and management system, strengthen the management personnel and staff of the anti-virus education outdoor room education.




  1. The network server shall install a firewall system to strengthen the network security management.




Intelligence is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions:




(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function




The intelligent single-cabinet system is equipped with temperature and humidity detection devices that can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the regulated power supply system and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time.




(2) Smoke detection function




By installing a smoke detector in the intelligent single-cabinet system, the fire control status of the intelligent single-cabinet system can be detected. When an abnormal situation occurs in the outdoor equipment room system of the intelligent cabinet, the related alarm status can be displayed on the display interface.




(3) Intelligent heat dissipation function




Users can set a temperature range for the stabilized power supply system according to the temperature environment required by the devices in the cabinet. When the temperature in the stabilized power supply system exceeds this range, the heat dissipation unit will be automatically started.




(4) System status detection function




The intelligent single-cabinet system itself has its working status and data information collection alarm LED indicator light display, and can be directly displayed on the LCD touch screen, the interface is beautiful, generous and clear.


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