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The IDC data room cabinet

Common cabinet colors are white, black and gray. (Among them, there are many types, such as orange pattern, fine sand pattern, etc.); the cabinets are divided according to the material, there are aluminum profile cabinets, cold-rolled steel plate cabinets, and hot-rolled steel plate cabinets; according to the processing technology, there are 90% off profiles Cabinets and 16-fold cabinets, etc.

The IDC data room cabinet is a multi-functional and multi-professional system integration project. In addition to various equipment of the electronic computer system, there are also various environmental protection equipment, such as cold aisle systems, column cabinets, server cabinets, PDU power sockets, power Environmental monitoring system, KVM system. , Only with a reasonable planning of equipment layout can the functions of each subsystem be fully utilized, which facilitates future expansion, facilitates the management of operation and maintenance personnel, and achieves the effect of saving investment and cost.

Cold aisle computer room

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Computer room monitoring is mainly for centralized monitoring and management of all equipment and environments in the computer room.

Application fields: hotel security intelligent integrated monitoring, building community network video monitoring (cold source system, air conditioning and ventilation system, elevator system, intelligent lighting, Centralized monitoring and remote management of drainage systems, etc.), Huijue network data center solutions, large data center monitoring (banking, insurance, postal services, taxation), small and medium computer room monitoring (government, finance, transportation, telecommunications, hospitals, education, etc.

Small and medium-sized business computer rooms (data computer rooms), centralized monitoring of computer room networking, and integrated intelligent cabinets (UPS/power distribution/generator/air conditioner/temperature and humidity/water leakage/wind speed monitoring)?

Traditional data centers have serious mixing of hot and cold airflow, and the temperature gradient is not stable. Average, local hotspots are more serious, and energy consumption is more serious; modular data centers use the construction method of closed channels, which effectively isolates hot and cold channels and avoids ineffective heat exchange. Inter-row air conditioners use point-to-point precise cooling to greatly improve energy efficiency and utilization efficiency .

Integrated smart cabinet