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The free flow intelligent integrated monitoring cabinet

The free flow intelligent integrated monitoring cabinet is a comprehensive integrated control equipment specially used for the toll road ETC gantry system. This product integrates the integrated cabinet body, east ring monitoring, core control host and UPS uninterruptible power supply. It can meet the function and protection requirements of the front-end core equipment of free flow charging.

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Outdoor cabinet manufacturers have a wide range of businesses, and a good data center design should plan to automate as many of the operational functions performed by employees as possible. This helps ensure consistent infrastructure deployment across a single data center or across multiple data centers, while also helping to reduce costs and the time it takes for staff to maintain them. Automation should occur in multiple phases, from continuous discovery and integration to workflow and cross-system integration.

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Outdoor cabinet design should have good heat dissipation. A large number of electrical appliances inside the outdoor cabinet will generate heat during use, and outdoor ultraviolet radiation will also increase the internal temperature of the cabinet. When the temperature exceeds a certain level, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment. Therefore, heat dissipation and temperature control are required inside the cabinet.

ETC gantry system integrated intelligent cabinet

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I believe everyone is interested in “ETC comprehensive detection intelligent cabinet? Shanghai Huijue will introduce a new type of mobile emergency communication base station with good performance and price. It replaces the emergency communication vehicle to complete temporary emergency communication tasks, so it is called “top station” by operators.

ETC comprehensive detection intelligent cabinet?