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The data center cable deployment considers the construction design of the computer room

Today, the reliance on high-quality, highly reliable data is more important than ever. Businesses depend on 24/7 connectivity in their data centers, compliance with laws and regulations, and assurance of resiliency, performance, and more, all of which allow them to focus on meeting customer demands. Data centers should also be highly adaptable. With today’s ever-changing technology, new business opportunities, and the looming threat of competitors, enterprises must be able to seamlessly locate resources (servers, applications, storage, and services) that need to move quickly across the corporate network without interruption of service.


These growing demands force enterprises to re-examine and evaluate their infrastructure, whether it is modernizing existing data centers, scaling up to meet business needs, or building a new network body data center architecture. The issues that must be considered to ensure superior performance in today’s mission-critical data centers are discussed below.


Select Cable Solutions products can be combined in multiples to create a variety of design configurations to meet an enterprise’s cable management needs and provide the option to scale as the business grows. A variety of customizable cable management systems are designed to meet specific business needs and specifications.


Wire Cable Baskets provide the flexibility to create a grid system. The wire cable basket is made of high-strength steel wire welded into a mesh, constructed as a cable channel, and then finished. UV additives can even be used in the powder coating process to provide extra longevity if desired. This 2-by-4-inch screen ensures unimpeded data center cooling airflow and prevents the buildup of heat, dust, bacterial spread, and other pollutants. With increased airflow to cool cables, data center facilities will achieve greater energy efficiency, greater cooling capacity, and reduced risk.


As technology changes rapidly, technicians should be equipped with equipment that allows them to respond quickly to technological changes. There are a few considerations that can help achieve a faster installation.


Wire Cable Baskets have the option to pull cables from any part of the cable tray, increasing the efficiency of open structures. And its wire mesh structure makes it easy to fix and bundle the cables with cable ties or various accessories.


Today, with the high development of modern science and technology, electronic computers are more and more widely used in various fields. In recent years, after the concepts of the Internet of Things and smart cities have entered various fields, various industries across the country have sprung up and built many large, medium and small data center scale data centers.


The core of the data center is the construction of the computer room project. In order to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment, the computer room must meet the requirements of the equipment and staff in the computer room on temperature, humidity, cleanliness, wind speed, electromagnetic field strength, power quality, noise, lighting, vibration, fire prevention, anti-theft, lightning protection, shielding and grounding, etc. Require. Advanced and reasonable computer room engineering construction is becoming more and more important.


However, in the process of computer room construction, due to the limitations of planning, construction unit, construction conditions and various professional site conditions, the designed computer room often has insufficient space, insufficient height of the computer room, unreasonable air conditioning planning, unreasonable column network of the computer room and Insufficient funds, etc.; if the computer room is transformed from an old building, it will also face problems such as insufficient load-bearing, unreasonable reinforcement schemes, and the water supply and drainage environment of the original building.

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