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The current network has entered every home

The current network has entered every home, but in order to use the network, another product is needed, that is, the household fiber optic home box. The home optical fiber entry box is a square box. It appears white. This is because of the spraying. There are cooling holes on the box. Degree, after talking about the exterior, let’s talk about the interior, which can supply weak current information wiring for termination, aggregation, wiring and power supply of equipment, both outdoors and indoors.

Now the three major operators have used optical fiber to the home. When decorating each family, they need to install a multimedia box on the wall in a hidden location (the possibility of household users having a weak current well is very small). To collect the optical fiber, coaxial cable and telephone line entering the household and to each room, and provide 220V power supply for the optical modem, router, amplifier, etc.

But there are a few things to keep in mind when buying:

  1. The appearance is similar, with little differences. It is best to choose engineering plastic material. If it is made of steel, it will shield the signal of the wireless router placed in the future, resulting in poor signal in some rooms.
  2. There is a big difference in the interior. It is recommended to choose this one. In addition to providing power and fiber disks, reserve the remaining space for optical modems, routers, switches, etc.

It is strongly not recommended to buy this kind of product. It is an old-fashioned product. It provides amplifier and telephone line module .