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The benefits of installing photovoltaics on corporate roofs

With the introduction of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, “carbon neutrality” once became a hot topic . The Chinese often say “carbon neutrality”, but what exactly is it?

Generally speaking, it means that enterprises, organizations or individuals offset the carbon dioxide directly or indirectly produced in their production and daily life through afforestation, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., to achieve zero emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. In fact, it is the solution to the greenhouse effect.

In the “Building a Modern Energy System” of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the focus of my country’s energy development in the next five years is pointed out: to accelerate the development of non-fossil energy, to insist on equal emphasis on centralized development and distributed development, and to vigorously expand the scale of wind power and photovoltaic power generation.

At present, my country has become the largest photovoltaic market in the world, and its achievements are closely related to upstream and downstream enterprises. So, why do so many companies choose photovoltaics, and what are the benefits of distributed photovoltaic installations for enterprises?

First of all, the distributed photovoltaic power station is built on the roof of the enterprise factory. Enterprises can use the power consumption mode for their own use, and the remaining power can be connected to the Internet. On the one hand, enterprises give priority to the use of electric energy generated by photovoltaic power plants, which reduces the cost of electricity in the production process, thereby reducing the energy consumption of enterprises. On the other hand, in addition to self-use, enterprises can also incorporate excess electricity into the national grid, which is not only beneficial to social electricity consumption, but also can obtain electricity costs and increase the competitive advantage of enterprises.

Secondly, the distributed photovoltaic power station is mainly built on the roof of the enterprise’s factory building, which revitalizes the fixed assets of the enterprise and develops the idle resources of the enterprise. In this way, the idle factory roof of the enterprise can be effectively used to improve industrial efficiency and create economic value.

Third, photovoltaic power generation is based on solar energy resources. In the process of power generation, it truly achieves zero output of dust, waste water, waste residue, noise and other pollution sources. It not only contributes to the country’s development of clean energy and the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system, but also helps to achieve the goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, thereby enhancing the company’s brand image and influence.

As we all know, the roof of enterprise factory buildings has always been the darling of the photovoltaic industry. Using idle factory roofs to build photovoltaic projects can not only reduce energy consumption, but also make full use of idle resources, play a role in energy saving and emission reduction, and bring benefits to the factory. Huge economic and environmental benefits can be said to serve multiple purposes.