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Technical requirements for the use of cabinets in data center computer rooms

In the traditional concept, practitioners’ traditional definition of the cabinet in the data center computer room is: the cabinet is just a carrier of network equipment, servers and other equipment in the data center computer room. So, with the development of the data center, is the use of the cabinet in the data center room changing?


  1. Improve the overall aesthetics of the computer room. Various appearances


Based on the standard of 19-inch equipment installation width, many manufacturers have innovated the appearance of the cabinet, and considered the appearance of the cabinet in the environment of single and multiple placement. Take Dinglong Company as an example, they In terms of appearance, aluminum profile cabinets are added, and on the basis of the original steel profile cabinets, a variety of appearances are designed for the data center, such as arc-shaped mesh door cabinets, bow-shaped mesh door cabinets, and concave-convex mesh door cabinets. Wait.


  1. Realize the intelligent management function of the cabinet Intelligent cabinet


For the occasions where the data center computer room has high requirements on the operating environment and safety of the cabinets, cabinets with intelligent systems are needed to meet the relevant requirements. The main intelligence is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions:


(1) Temperature and humidity monitoring function. The intelligent cabinet system is equipped with a temperature and humidity detection device, which can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the internal environment of the regulated power supply system, and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time superior.


(2) Smoke detection function, install a smoke detector inside the intelligent cabinet system through the data center, and detect the fire status of the intelligent cabinet system. When an abnormal situation occurs inside the intelligent cabinet system, the relevant alarm status can be displayed on the display interface .


(3) Intelligent heat dissipation function, the user can set a set of temperature ranges for the regulated power supply system according to the temperature environment required for the operation of the equipment in the cabinet. When the temperature in the regulated power supply system exceeds this range, it will automatically start the heat dissipation unit to work .


(4) System status detection function. The intelligent cabinet system itself has LED indicators for displaying its working status and data information collection and alarm, and can be intuitively displayed on the LCD touch screen. The interface is beautiful and generous, and the data center is clear.


Cabinet – Technical Requirements


① It should have good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should be based on the electrical and mechanical properties of the equipment and the requirements of the use environment, and the necessary physical design and chemical design should be carried out to ensure that the structure of the cabinet has good rigidity and strength, as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, noise isolation, ventilation and heat dissipation and other performance. In addition, the cabinet should have anti-vibration, anti-shock, corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, radiation-proof and other properties, so as to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment.


②②It should have good usability and safety protection facilities, which is convenient for operation, installation and maintenance, and can ensure the safety of operators.


③③ It should be convenient for production, assembly, commissioning, packaging and transportation.

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