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Talking about how the evolution of the data center can ensure the safety of hosting

Data centers are now the glue that holds the fabric of modern society together. Whether you’re shopping with a credit card, sending a message to a friend, or ordering a pizza, virtually everything people do every day is powered by data centers.


But the data centers currently relied upon are a far cry from the technology of the past. Immeasurable changes have occurred since digital computing took its first steps in the 1950s. Over the years, the processing power and storage capacity of data centers has increased exponentially, and the infrastructure required to support modern applications has become increasingly complex.


These advances are driven by growing demands from businesses and consumers. First, the birth of the Internet has led to an explosion in the consumption of online services, which requires a substantial increase in the processing power and capacity that data centers must provide. Before long, the need for server processing power led to the emergence of third-party providers who would host your servers in data center facilities, eliminating the initial and ongoing management costs of setting up your own in-house data center. Eventually, as network technology and connectivity improved, this was replaced by cloud computing technology, where users rent space not in data centers but in the servers themselves.


Cloud computing has been a major catalyst for change in the data center. Not only has its rise fundamentally shifted many operating models, but it has also driven advances in technologies such as multi-tenant systems, fast storage, and artificial intelligence applications.


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One of the most fundamental changes in the data center was the advent of multi-core processors around the year 2000. By fitting two or more core processors onto a single chip, the overall performance of data center hardware can be radically improved, allowing fewer servers to run the same workload.


Multi-core processors also bring huge benefits to virtualization, which has been key to data center business growth. Because each core processor can run in parallel with other core processors, a multi-core processor system can run a large number of virtual machines simultaneously with little performance loss, greatly increasing the number of applications that can run simultaneously.


Data is private to organizations and individuals, but data centers are usually shared. And this is a security issue that colocation data center data center service providers must face.


Many enterprises hope to migrate their business to the cloud, but their internal data center still has a lot of IT resources. To make the business easier to handle, businesses usually migrate them to colocation data centers. At the same time, most cloud platforms actually run in the colocation data center space, with cloud computing giants like AWS using a large number of shared facilities to fill the coverage gap.


A security incident in a colocation data center has the same impact and harm on customers as it does in a data center owned and operated by itself. But for affected colocation providers, a security failure can be more embarrassing because it represents a failure of their core business.

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