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Surge protection in the equipment room A UPS power supply is faulty




The necessity of lightning protection in the equipment room




Lightning strikes can produce different forms of damage. The International Electrotechnical Commission has called lightning disasters “a major public hazard in the electronic age”. Lightning strikes, inductive lightning strikes and transient overvoltages of power supply spikes have become the main culprits for damaging electronic equipment. From the analysis of a large number of communication equipment lightning strike cases, experts believe that: caused by lightning induction and lightning wave invasion caused by lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) is the main reason for equipment damage. To this end, the precautionary principle is “overall defense, comprehensive management and multiple protection”. Strive to reduce its harm to the lowest point.




The lightning protection and grounding system is an important subsystem to protect the weak current precision equipment and the equipment room. It mainly ensures the high reliability of the equipment and prevents the damage caused by lightning in the outdoor equipment room. The center room is a place with very high equipment value. Once lightning accident happens, it will cause incalculable economic loss and social influence




At present, the main power distribution room of the building provides the first level of lightning protection according to the lightning protection design specifications of the building. Therefore, the second and third level composite lightning protection devices are configured in front of the mains power distribution cabinet in the network center room of the project.




The SPD is an independent module with a failure alarm indicator. When a module fails due to lightning strike, you can replace the module independently without replacing the whole SPD.




The UPS in the equipment room jumps unexpectedly (cause: ground cable) to ensure the normal running of the server.




When the mains power is normal, the UPS switches to the outdoor equipment room mode powered by battery strings. In this mode, the buzzer is always calling cue. Immediately organize personnel to check the circuit and analyze the cause of the fault. Finally, it is connected with the vertical air conditioner in the machine room. Every time the air conditioner is started for a short time, it will automatically turn to the battery pack for power supply. Apparently this is the power output by the influence of high power air conditioning. But they are two separate power supply, from different distribution room inside the distribution panel, how can they produce each other?




Open the ceiling, floor, junction box and so on along the wire point by point to check, see if the circuit is connected together, finally found that their neutral line and ground line received a piece. Such a fuzzy, the impact on the UPS can be reflected, indeed as expected is a precision equipment, cannot have an outdoor room some vague, if handled separately on the ground of air conditioning, separate after the zero line and ground, then start the air conditioning, found no again jump battery, UPS power supply quality of the network’s stability and security of the enterprise is very important. But network power security actually has many other attributes, such as high performance, scalability, reliability, functionality, accuracy and availability. In order to make the enterprise network power supply can run continuously and stably, in addition to the usual standard use, periodic use of various test tools, the network power environment maintenance test is also necessary. The whole machine room power supply safety system, technical personnel need to seriously maintain, and to do a good job of daily investigation, timely find problems, analysis and treatment of the impact of unplanned shutdown.


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