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SMC optical splitter box

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Material: cold rolled sheet SMC stainless steel

Model: 1 to 8, 1 to 16, 1 to 32, 1 to 64, can be customized

Area of use: Mobile Unicom, Tietong Telecom, Radio and Television FTTH FTTB FTTX FTTP

Installation place: wall-mounted corridor outdoor indoor pole type

The incoming and outgoing lines should be vertical. 3. When the user’s incoming optical cable is not stripped, the minimum pull-off force of the splicing fixture to the optical cable is not less than 100N. 4. The optical fiber should be properly reserved in the chassis, and the reserved length is appropriate to facilitate the operation of the secondary connection. 5. The cable entry hole should be sealed to prevent water and rodents from entering the chassis. 6. Provide a certain number of cable management rings or other binding cable accessories to facilitate the basic requirements of binding cables. 7. Set a card slot at a suitable position in the middle of the chassis door to place a paper form for filling in the fiber separation. 8. Applicable to a variety of usage scenarios: indoor, outdoor, wall hanging, hanging pole, new and old real estate. 9. Molded box body, installation back plate design, beautiful and compact shape, convenient and fast installation, convenient for large-scale construction. 10. The serialized inserts can be combined into building blocks, which is convenient for expansion and saves investment. 11. The leather wire optical cable is designed with a special card slot, which can be put into the box with a flexible joint, which is reliable in fixation, simple in layout and high in efficiency. Product introduction: FTTH outdoor wall-mounted optical splitter box is used for wiring connection between optical cable and optical communication equipment.

64——represents fusible (with) 64-core downlink fiber; F——represents composite material for the whole box body; H1——represents that the box door is composite material, and the rest is made of stainless steel material; H2——represents that the box door is composite material Material, the rest is made of aluminum alloy material; G – means that the whole box is made of stainless steel; the complete mark of the product is composed of the product name and model. For example, the product serial number 2 of the corridor-type all-stainless steel 64-core fiber splitter box is marked as: FTTX fiber splitter box GPX0232G-2. Indoor type: ≤85% (+30℃). Floor, unit type and outdoor type: ≤93% (+40℃). The color of the surface coating of the chassis shall meet the requirements of Table 2 in GB/T. The front center of the box door should be printed with China Telecom’s LOGO in PANTONE286C color. The logo shall be scaled and used in strict accordance with the dimensions shown in the drawings, and shall not be stretched, squeezed, deformed, etc.

At the same time, there must be a storage space for redundant optical fibers. ?7) All fiber optic connectors must be protected. After the optical fiber is spliced with the optical fiber, the joint part must be protected with a fusion splicing protective sleeve. 8) Through the pigtail, the serial number of the optical fiber in the optical cable can be quickly and conveniently scheduled and the routing of the transmission system can be changed. The length of the pigtail must meet the requirements of the fiber jumper operation. 9) The door lock of the optical fiber distribution box must be an anti-theft structure with good anti-destructive ability. All boxes need to be reserved for traditional padlock locks or other backup solutions. ●The box material is made of high-quality SMC material, the appearance is free of painting, and the gloss is good. ●Using a flip-up structure, ●Double-layer structure design, the upper layer is the optical splitter wiring layer, ●The optical splitter module adopts a drawer module design, this product is used in the terminal access cycle in the FTTH access system, It is especially suitable for use in outdoor wall-mounted or pole-mounted conditions. The optical splitter is designed according to the YD/T1117-2001 standard.