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Shanghai Huijue won the bid for the high-voltage cabinet of Hebei Langfang Unicom

Recently, in China Unicom Hebei Langfang 10kV power distribution system transformation project, the winning bid amounted to more than 2 million yuan, and the high-voltage switchgear required to meet the technical requirements of the bidding document. the

Project introduction: The bidder must go to the site to understand the actual situation of the tenderer’s system engineering (site, layout, design requirements, project scope, etc.), and provide support according to the tenderer’s requirements for project capacity and quality, and carry out comprehensive, Systematic, bidding in accordance with the requirements of “turnkey” projects, including but not limited to system design, drawings, material selection, technical data, equipment production, docking, type selection, layout, transportation, loading and unloading, storage, hoisting, assembly, supporting, Self-control, commissioning, training, trial production, inspection, acceptance, special tools, spare parts, personnel training, quality assurance, after-sales service and other engineering content.

Supply requirements: Candidates should supply equipment and materials in strict accordance with the requirements of the recruiter’s construction period. Candidates should fully understand the content of the project, and the bidding documents need to be targeted for the preparation of delivery cycle and scheme. The expenses involved in the requirements of this specification for hardware, software, factory inspection, training, service and environment are all included in the bidding scope of this bidding.

Candidates should fully consider various factors in the project implementation process to avoid failure to meet the requirements in the later stage of deepening.

This project is a turnkey project, and the bidder is responsible for the removal of old equipment, including but not limited to the installation and commissioning of new equipment, network access coordination and ensuring normal power supply during the replacement process.

The bidder is fully responsible for the safety production during the equipment replacement process, and the bidder is not responsible for any safety accidents caused by the bidder’s responsibility.

The products and schemes submitted by the bidders must meet and be able to obtain the network access procedures of the local power supply department, and the bidder shall not be responsible for the network access.

The winning bid of Hebei Unicom’s high-voltage cabinet project marks that Shanghai Huijue has reached a new height in the quality control level of high-voltage switchgear products and the primary and secondary integration capabilities, laying a solid foundation for the promotion of the high-end market in the later stage.