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Shanghai Huijue was awarded the carbon footprint verification certificate of the array Cabinet products

Recently, An Ying (Shanghai) Certification Co., Ltd. conducted an evaluation of the ” DC power distribution cabinets and transmission equipment for transmission equipment ” of Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co. , Ltd. in accordance with the international standard ” ISO14067:2018 Greenhouse Gas-Product Carbon Footprint-Quantitative Requirements and Guidelines ” The two series of products with AC power distribution cabinets have undergone carbon footprint verification, and thearray cabinet products of Shanghai Huijue have successfully passed the carbon footprint verification.

Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co. , Ltd. , as an outstanding enterprise with social responsibilities and paying attention to the progress and development of the industry, always adheres to the leading role of technological innovation and energy conservation, and provides green, low-carbon, and reliable quality products for the communication industry . Adhere to environmental friendliness and green sustainable development.

The proposal of the “double carbon” goal has accelerated the pace of the country’s realization of green and low-carbon development. Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development, and actively implements and practices the national double-carbon strategy . In recent years, Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. has continued to increase the selection of green raw materials and the functionalization and lightweight application of packaging, improve the automation and digitalization capabilities of the production system, and promote the rapid development of industry technology. Use Internet technology to build an efficient warehousing and logistics distribution platform, deliver goods in an optimal way, strictly control all aspects of the product, formulate effective carbon emission reduction plans and improvement opportunities, reduce carbon emissions in the product life cycle, improve environmental benefits and reduce operations cost.

Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. has obtained the carbon footprint verification certificate of thearray cabinet products, which fully reflects the environmental protection attributes of ourarray cabinet products and has gained a more favorable position in the product market competition; through the product carbon footprint certification, more Let our company fully understand the energy consumption and carbon consumption of products, facilitate low-carbon management, save energy and reduce consumption, and save production costs; at the same time, obtaining product carbon footprint certification is an environmentally friendly behavior, which is our company’s response to national policies and fulfillment of social responsibilities embodiment.