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Shanghai Huijue ‘s new product “Outdoor Integrated Power Supply”

With the rapid development of 5G network, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and the vigorous promotion of multiple strategic backgrounds such as new infrastructure and dual-carbon policies , in order to quickly meet market demand, Shanghai Huijue independently developed a smart power system. This new product integrates an integrated power supply system consisting of a rectifier power board , an intelligent power distribution unit, a monitoring unit , and a wireless transmission module FSU , which effectively solves the power supply requirements of base station communication equipment, and supports the connection of outdoor lithium battery modules as a backup power supply.

Product Highlights

  • Multiple installation methods, flexible deployment :

modular power supply/battery and AAU/RRU are installed on the same pole , with zero land occupation and zero rent on site, and rapid deployment; the assembled power supply solution is adopted indoors, sharing the rack with the main equipment to meet the power demand of 5G equipment ;Support multiple installation methods such as wall-mounted, rail-mounted, and floor-mounted. The battery is equipped with heating function to meet the deployment requirements of -40°C low temperature environment in the northern region.

  • Modular design, smooth expansion:

Modular power supply /battery design supports parallel deployment of power supply/battery, flexibly matches the power supply and backup power requirements of the existing network , and supports subsequent smooth expansion.

  • Intelligent design, easy operation and maintenance:

Self-developed 5G base station power monitoring cloud server monitoring platform; including embedded FSU, based on 4G full network dynamic ring monitoring; supports AC power metering function; supports DC output shunt metering and remote control on/off function; supports intelligent online monitoring, Realize remote operation and maintenance control , support mobile APP near-end visual monitoring, and realize on-site inspection

  • High reliability design, energy saving and environmental protection:

Die-cast aluminum structure, the protection level reaches IP65; no fan for natural heat dissipation, and the energy conversion efficiency is over 95 % ;

Product Application Scenario

micro-station scenarios , indoor small base station coverage scenarios, floor base station coverage scenarios and outdoor macro base station coverage scenarios in the network deployment of operators ; it is used for supporting equipment power supply and backup power supply functions on the AAU/RRU side, It is especially suitable for the existing power system transformation and application scenarios with poor capacity expansion, with short construction period and low construction cost.