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Shanghai Huijue Precision Column Cabinet

Precision top cabinet is based on HMI, and through the modular structure of RS485 bus, it can effectively control the dynamic micro-environment of the top cabinet . The cabinet is equipped with a full power detection module, a branch line current measurement module, and a switch module. Through the module, the full power of the total incoming line of the head cabinet is measured , including three-phase current and voltage, active and reactive power, frequency, power factor, and electric degree. Measure the current and switch status of each branch, calculate the electricity quantity of each branch through HMI, and generate an on-site monitoring interface.

Product Features

The standard 19-inch cabinet body is adopted, and the interior adopts a unitized design, which is neat and beautiful, intuitive and reliable. There are cable holes on the top and bottom of the cabinet , so that the cables can be entered from the cable channel in the machine room or from the cable trench.

Preset the load capacity alarm, overload alarm and overpressure alarm of each channel.

The 10-inch full-color touch screen displays and manages harmonic content, energy management, historical trends, current trends, voltage trends, and load curves.

It has sound and light alarm and remote monitoring interface.

Anti-surge, anti-lightning (optional), over-current protection.

Local liquid crystal display and panel operation, convenient for real-time query and monitoring.

With intelligent monitoring function, it is compatible with various machine room monitoring systems.

The built-in unified zero row and ground row can effectively ensure the grounding.

Product features and technical parameters

Cabinet body: the cabinet body is made of pot-coated zinc plate or phosphating treated anti-corrosion plated steel plate , polyester epoxy powder anti-corrosion layer, the cabinet door adopts double structure, the cabinet body uses metal baffles, and only the operating switch handle is left. Prevent operators from directly touching busbars and other live exposed parts , and prevent foreign objects from contacting electrical devices; the front door and left and right baffles of the cabinet can be flexibly disassembled to achieve front and side maintenance of the cabinet. The operation and maintenance personnel can observe the operation status of the equipment without opening the front door (equipped with a door lock). The incoming wires of the cabinet can be routed up and down, and on the back side.


Product advantages

Reliability: All components are standardized and tested by the manufacturer.

Safety: The front and rear panels are isolated to prevent personnel from touching live parts.

Simplicity: Due to the prefabricated components, both design and installation are very simple.

Easy to manage: With a complete monitoring system, the manager of the computer room can control the running status of the equipment in real time, which is convenient for management.

Scalability: drawer expansion without changing the cable layout.

Cost saving, step-by-step implementation: Modular design, and reserved expandable module positions for users to expand later, customers can purchase corresponding modules in stages according to actual needs, saving costs.