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Shanghai Huijue launched a new product ” minimalist smart power supply”

With the rapid development of 5G network, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and the vigorous promotion of multiple strategic backgrounds such as new infrastructure and dual-carbon policies , in order to quickly meet market demand, Shanghai Huijue independently developed a smart power system. This new product is an intelligent photoelectric hybrid power system that integrates power modules, monitoring units, AC and DC power distribution units, lithium batteries, smart switches, wireless transmission modules FSU , and fiber optic trays , effectively solving the power supply of base station communication equipment. , backup power supply, optical fiber access and other functional requirements, and supports the flexible switching function of access to mains power and emergency oil generators; at the same time, according to site requirements, optional solar power generation equipment can be connected as green energy;

Product Highlights:

  • Simple installation method, which can support various installation methods such as wall hanging, pole holding and flooring;
  • built-in monitoring unit and FSU function realize the real-time monitoring function of the power supply, and can also be connected to the operation and maintenance management platform through NB/4G wireless communication networking;
  • Internal space is reserved for fiber splicing trays , passive wavelength splitters, etc. , to facilitate fast access to optical fibers;
  • The internal integrated lithium battery module realizes the guarantee capability of backup power supply;
  • Equipped with an expansion interface, the backup time can be extended by plugging in a lithium battery box ;
  • power slot is compatible with 48V/75A and 48V/50A power modules;
  • Supports intelligent management of DC loads, realizes the functions of remote intelligent shutdown and reclosing of each branch , and supports independent metering of branch power at the same time
  • Support intelligent online monitoring to realize remote intelligent operation and maintenance control
  • Support mobile APP near-end visual monitoring, convenient for maintenance personnel on-site inspection

Product Application Scenario

of micro-station scenarios , indoor base station coverage scenarios, floor base station coverage scenarios, and outdoor macro base station coverage scenarios for smart transportation, communication base stations, and edge sites ; it is used for power supply, backup power supply, and optical fiber for supporting equipment on the AAU/RRU side It is especially suitable for the existing power system transformation and application scenarios with poor capacity expansion. The construction period is short and the construction cost is low.