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Shanghai Huijue has been specializing in the production of outdoor cabinets for nearly 20 years. It provides communication network solutions. IDC machine room manufacturers are specially selected. The machine room can be customized. The product specifications are complete and the price is more favorable. Please contact [email protected]

Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry

The cabinet is designed with 5mm coated galvanized sheet and sandwich panel structure, which has strong mechanical protection performance and excellent performance in heat insulation, compression resistance, shock resistance and waterproof, providing a safe and stable working environment for the equipment in the cabinet. In all kinds of harsh environments.

Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry

The ETC gantry system needs to be hoisted on the open expressway, and the integrated cabinet of the ETC gantry system is also installed beside the gantry. Anti-mildew, anti-salt spray, anti-rust, anti-wind and earthquake. ETC gantry system integrated cabinet is also called ETC outdoor integrated cabinet (referred to as: ETC integrated cabinet), which mainly provides integrated storage for gantry driveway controllers, industrial switches, charging system PCs and other equipment and provides gantry equipment Reliable power supply and backup ensure the reliable operation of key production equipment on the roadside.

MINI computer room

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I believe everyone is interested in “outdoor mobile communication base station computer room? Huijue UPS uninterruptible power supply – we have nearly 20 years of service experience in the communication computer room power supply industry, excellent technology, perfect service, and provide computer room cabinets for operators, ICT equipment manufacturers and other users A complete set of solutions for products.