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With the development of society, the amount of data information is increasing rapidly, and the density of data centers is also getting higher and higher. In the past, data centers had a decentralized and miniaturized layout. With the rise of big data and cloud computing in the future, there will be more and more large data centers, and the heat density of a single cabinet will become higher and higher. Modular data center solutions provide industry-leading cloud computing solutions, including cloud-based IT equipment, such as servers, storage, and networks.

The solution adopts a high-performance, cloud computing-oriented customizable server, and applies an intelligent cloud computing operation management platform to fully realize the unified management, unified deployment, unified monitoring and unified backup of data center resources.

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  1. The cabinet can be divided into two basic structures: profiles and thin plates according to the load-bearing, materials and manufacturing processes of the components. ① Profile structure cabinet: There are two types of steel profile cabinets and aluminum profile cabinets. The steel profile cabinet is composed of special-shaped seamless steel pipes as columns. The rigidity and strength of this cabinet is good for heavy equipment. The aluminum profile cabinet composed of aluminum alloy profiles has certain rigidity and strength, and is suitable for general or light equipment.
  2. This kind of cabinet is light in weight, less in processing amount, beautiful in appearance, and is widely used. ②Thin plate structure cabinet: the whole plate type cabinet, the side plate is formed by bending a whole piece of steel plate. This kind of cabinet has good rigidity and strength, and is suitable for heavy or general equipment. But because the side panels cannot be disassembled, it is inconvenient to assemble and maintain. The structure of the bent plate column cabinet is similar to that of the profile cabinet, and the column is made of bent steel plates. This kind of cabinet has a certain rigidity and strength, and is suitable for general equipment.

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Server hosts, storage devices, and server cabinets should be arranged in partitions. Maintenance space should be reserved for hosts, storage devices, server cabinets, UPSs, air conditioners and other equipment according to product requirements, and the maintenance distance of adjacent equipment is allowed to overlap. The clear width of the aisle between the equipment should not be less than 1203mm, so that there is enough space for installation and maintenance. The cabinet server, the equipment that enters the computer room in stages and the relative position reserved for expansion equipment must not only conform to the process flow of the computer system, but also facilitate the entry and placement of expansion equipment and the connection of cables in the future.

Server Cabinet

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In the daily operation and maintenance process of the data center, it is not only necessary to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the equipment in the data center, but also to reasonably control the energy consumption. Therefore, during the operation of the air conditioning system, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the dynamic environment monitoring. If the temperature is set too low, the energy consumption will increase significantly. Cabinet server, therefore, in our daily work, the setting of temperature and humidity, as long as it is within the scope of Class A standards, the balance between cooling capacity and heating value should be well controlled, and the ambient temperature and humidity in the computer room can be controlled by controlling the air supply volume.

The server in the cabinet avoids the problem of wind short circuit. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the problem of uneven temperature distribution. The problem of uneven temperature can only be completely eliminated by properly solving the problem of airflow distribution. Is the cold aisle in the computer room closed? The air-conditioning load of the computer room mainly comes from the heat generated by computer equipment, external equipment and equipment in the computer room, accounting for more than 80% of the total heat, followed by lighting heat, conduction heat, radiant heat, etc.

These calculation methods are different from those of general air-conditioned rooms. Load calculations are the same. Computer manufacturers can generally provide specific values for the heat generated by the equipment. Otherwise, calculate its calorific value according to the power consumption of the computer. The total power of various equipment in the computer room should be based on the maximum power consumption of the equipment in the computer room, but the power consumption is not all converted into heat, so it must be corrected with the above three coefficients, and these coefficients are related to the computer system. It is related to the structure, function, use, working status and electronic components used. The total coefficient is generally between 0.6 and 0.9 as well.

Is the cold aisle in the computer room closed