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Security management and monitoring requirements for hardware devices in the equipment room

Manages hardware security in the equipment room




  1. The maintenance personnel of the equipment room must be familiar with the basic safety operations and rules of the equipment room, especially the server and switch, and ensure timely maintenance.




  1. Check and sort out the connection lines of the equipment regularly, check the operation status of the hardware regularly (such as the equipment indicator light and instrument), and read the hardware operation self-test report regularly, so as to know the operation status of the equipment in time.




  1. It is forbidden to move the device at will, install or remove the hardware on the device at will, or change the connection of the device at will, or reset the hardware at will.




Outdoor equipment room 4. Do not perform experimental configuration operations on the server. If you need to configure the server, check that the server is properly configured on another machine that can be tested.




  1. Notice shall be issued in advance for the modification and debugging of hardware equipment that will affect the whole world, and sufficient time, scheme and personnel preparation shall be required before the modification of hardware equipment can be carried out.




6, the change of major equipment configuration, must first form a scheme file, after discussion confirmed feasible, by qualified technical personnel to change and adjust the outdoor room, and should make a detailed change and operation record. Before you modify, upgrade, or configure the device, make full preparations for the negative consequences caused by the change, upgrade, or configuration. Prepare backup components and emergency measures if necessary.




Monitoring requirements for data center equipment room construction




(1) The electronic information system room should be set up environment and equipment monitoring system and security system, the design of each system should be according to the grade of the room, according to the current national standards.




(2) The environment and equipment monitoring system should adopt centralized or distributed network structure outdoor room. The system shall be easy to expand and maintain, and shall have display, recording, control, alarm, analysis and prompt functions.




(3) The environment and equipment monitoring system and safety prevention system can be set in the same monitoring center. The power supply of each system should be reliable, and independent uninterruptible power supply system should be used for power supply. When centralized uninterruptible power supply system is used for power supply, separate circuit distribution should be performed.




Today’s data center is the heart of the enterprise, even the lifeblood of enterprise business operations. Data centers need to be shut down when they are being built, otherwise problems can have a fatal impact on the entire enterprise business.


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