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Security and Compatibility of Data Center Computer Room Monitoring System Cabinets

What monitoring systems are there in the data center computer room?


  1. Power system monitoring


The power system monitoring of the computer room includes all power supply equipment in the computer room, such as high-voltage power distribution, low-voltage power distribution, super generator set, power distribution cabinet, UPS, DC power system, battery, etc.


Power supply and distribution: The computer room monitoring system monitors various parameters of the main circuit and sub-circuit of the primary and secondary AC power distribution cabinets, such as voltage, current, power, etc. Display and record the change curves of various parameters, and record and process various alarm states.


Diesel generator set: The computer room monitoring system monitors the generator output voltage, current, frequency and the operating status of the generator set, controls the start and stop of the generator set, etc.


DC power supply system: monitor the status of input mains power, battery voltage and its status, display and record the change curve of battery voltage and battery temperature, and perform real-time recording and alarm processing of various alarm states.


  1. Environmental monitoring system


Computer room environment monitoring is an important component of IDC computer room monitoring, mainly including air-conditioning equipment, temperature, humidity, and water leakage monitoring. The monitoring system group consists of a management system, a monitoring management unit, a data acquisition unit and a pull probe.


Air-conditioning equipment monitoring: According to the communication protocol and remote monitoring board provided by the precision air-conditioning provider, real-time monitoring of the precision air-conditioning return air temperature, return air humidity, chilled water inlet and outlet temperature, data center flow, cooling water inlet and outlet temperature, as well as refrigerators and chilled water pumps Working current and other parameters; monitor compressor status, fan status, heater status, dehumidifier status and other working status; control the start and stop of the air conditioner, and adjust the temperature and humidity. And process all kinds of alarm information.


safety and compatibility


—-Anti-interference and various safety protection measures. Putting mission-critical IT equipment in lockable cabinets makes life easier for network administrators, limiting the number of people who can open the cabinets. A full-featured cabinet should provide various door locks and other functions, such as high anti-interference performance such as dustproof, waterproof or electronic shielding; at the same time, it should provide support for suitable accessories and installation accessories, so that wiring is more convenient, and at the same time Easy to manage, saving time and effort.


—–The compatibility of the cabinet is also a headache for users. Today, equipment from different manufacturers will be installed in the cabinets of the data center, so the cabinets must have good compatibility. If the compatibility of the cabinets is not good, the original cabinets may not be able to meet the needs when upgrading IT equipment, and users are forced to replace the entire set of computer room equipment.

This kind of unnecessary cost was not uncommon in early computer room construction. The lack of compatibility will inevitably lead to poor scalability of the overall cabinet solution, which cannot meet the ever-changing needs of the IT industry. For users, it obviously reduces the life cycle of the system and generates excessive cost expenditure.

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