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Room air conditioning off how to heat moving ring system advantage





Most buildings are equipped with air-conditioning or air conditioning systems already installed, and it is difficult for companies renting office space to provide a fully equipped facility. I believe that many room operation and maintenance personnel will encounter such a situation: when the rented office building does not allow independent outdoor units, central air conditioning is closed at night, how should the room heat dissipation?




  1. Moving is the best plan.




2, if the room is not large, you can choose floor type mobile air conditioning.




  1. There are about 10 servers in the computer room with an area of less than 1.5 square meters. After work, you can shut down or hibernate the servers that are not needed. During holidays, only DC, Mail, Web, and NAS (HDD hibernation) are left in the outdoor equipment room. At night every three hours for 15 minutes, discharge into the light steel frame.




  1. Practice shows that the heat dissipation effect is not very good when an indoor air conditioner is installed (the main engine is still indoors). Water cooling is an option if the budget is sufficient.




5, indoor hanging a suspended water-cooled air conditioner, fixed on the ceiling and not in the room, and then by the building’s cold water pipe (usually in the vicinity of the toilet) after drilling holes, connected to the air conditioner.




Specific methods are as follows: Ask vendor to help you install the water pressure induction start switch, and need to apply to the building center tube outdoor room manage to construction, once the building central air conditioning system outage on holiday main towers and enable the spare water tower, will switch to the interior pendant water cooled air conditioner to be responsible for the supply room of air conditioning, when the normal standby water tower will stop at work, The central air conditioning system switched to the main water tower to supply cool air to the machine room.




Network room dynamic ring system advantages




  1. High reliability: the whole port over current, over voltage, lightning protection, anti-reverse connection, anti-wrong connection maintenance design idea, double watchdog, never stuck, to ensure that the system can operate smoothly no matter how.




  1. High coordination ability: It can not only provide integrated overall solutions for telecom network and outdoor room communication base station/room power environment monitoring, fresh air system environmental protection and energy saving and access control system supervision, but also select one or several components of the subsystem according to the specific situation of customers.




  1. High acceptability: unique dual IP technology, suitable for seamless network splicing and cutover.




  1. Excellent compatibility mode: the data collector is suitable for a variety of communication protocols, the system has OPC jack, the system can maintain seamless integration with other systems according to OPC, and the system can provide an opening agreement jack or dynamic library to facilitate the integration with other software.


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