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Outdoor cabinet manufacturers have a wide range of businesses, and a good data center design should plan to automate as many of the operational functions performed by employees as possible. This helps ensure consistent infrastructure deployment across a single data center or across multiple data centers, while also helping to reduce costs and the time it takes for staff to maintain them. Automation should occur in multiple phases, from continuous discovery and integration to workflow and cross-system integration.


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The formerly built computer room was remodeled when the area was too small and the equipment was placed irregularly without redundancy.

The remodeling content included cable routing transformation, precision air conditioning system transformation, cabinet transformation, basic environment transformation, etc.

The new data center computer room considers the expansion of 5-11 years according to the existing demand, and reserves a certain space for the equipment expansion of the data center.



Outdoor network cabinet


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The editor briefly introduced “outdoor integrated cabinet? Free flow intelligent integrated monitoring cabinet is a comprehensive integrated control equipment specially used for the ETC gantry system of toll roads. This product integrates the integrated cabinet body, the east ring The monitoring, core control host and UPS uninterruptible power supply can meet the functional and protection requirements of the core equipment of the free-flow toll front-end.