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Product introduction of power distribution cabinet

power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects all energy data for the energy terminal of the data center computer room. Provide measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, reflect the power quality data in real time through the display unit, and upload the data to the background environment monitoring system through RS485 communication, so as to achieve real-time monitoring and operation quality management of the entire power distribution system. Help users optimize network data centers, strengthen energy management, and improve server rack operating efficiency. It is mainly used in telecommunications, finance, government, IT and other important customers such as data centers or industrial enterprises to provide power distribution, power distribution circuit protection, metering, management and computer grounding services for important equipment such as network servers.

The head cabinet adopts a multi-circuit monitoring device, which can measure the three-phase current, voltage, active power, reactive power, apparent power, power factor, frequency, etc. on the incoming line side, and can also monitor the current of multiple branches at the same time , voltage, active power, power factor. At the same time, it can display the accumulated active power and incremental power, monitor various parameters of the system operation, and comprehensively display through HMI, which reduces the space occupation of the power distribution cabinet and improves the volume ratio of the power distribution cabinet;

the top cabinet also has the functions of operation management and safety management, which improves the reliability of the entire power distribution system and reduces risks;

The top cabinet supports more circuits, with high space utilization and reduced floor space;

Power distribution management system software, with this set of management software, users can remotely access the two through the data center background management system to realize real-time monitoring of data such as electrical parameter values, switch status, zero-ground voltage and leakage current; it can also realize Over-limit alarm , data upload and other functions. The fault information is stored locally, which can save no less than 5,000 historical records and fault information, which is easy to query and fault analysis;

The man-machine interface is on the front panel of the power distribution cabinet, including the following parts:

7-inch or 10-inch LCD display, Chinese and English display interface;

System running status indicator light and buzzer;

Necessary function keys are used to select various system parameters, browse and read various system information, etc.;

To ensure system security, LCD supports password protection.