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Preparatory work for placing high-end server cabinets before installation

There are certain tricks in the selection of high-end server cabinets. This point, the editor said in related articles, and once it comes to the issue of placing your high-end server cabinets in the computer room, it must be the choice of most of the server hosting companies. . As for the computer room where high-end server cabinets are placed, you should also be careful when choosing.


When placing high-end server cabinets in the computer room, you generally need to look at these four aspects: 1. Price, which is generally the most critical selection factor. Solution: After all, there are only a few data centers. You can choose three first, randomly find some idc companies to quote, choose a few low-to-medium quotes, and then the data center will get to know the quote companies, and you can basically find a suitable quote.


  1. The server needs to be safe. If you can’t pay for it, the server’s safety cannot be guaranteed. Solution: Visit the office of the hosting service company, check the business license, and meet and chat with the sales staff.


  1. The speed is good. As long as it is a computer room operated by Shanghai Telecom and China Netcom, the basic speed is acceptable. Solution: Confirm that it is the computer room of Shanghai Telecom/Netcom, basically there is no problem with the speed. There is an unexpected situation that the agency company’s own cabinet traffic is too large. After being restricted by China Telecom and China Netcom, the speed may be affected.


  1. The service of the data center must be passable. Check how long the company has been in operation and whether there is a dedicated person on duty 24 hours a day. Solution: Confirm whether there is someone on duty during non-working hours through the website or by phone.


Cabinet installation planning


Before installing the cabinet, first plan the available space. In order to facilitate heat dissipation and equipment maintenance, it is recommended that the distance between the front and back of the cabinet and the wall or other equipment should not be less than 0.8 meters, and the clear height of the equipment room should not be less than 2.5 meters.


Preparations before installation


2.1 Before installation, the site marking must be accurate, otherwise it will lead to rework.


2.2 According to the unpacking instructions, unpack the cabinet and the wooden box with data center parts attached to the cabinet.


If the cabinet is installed on the concrete floor, after the cabinet is fixed, you can directly install the cabinet accessories. Place the cabinet at the planned location, determine the front and back of the cabinet, and align the feet of the cabinet with the corresponding anchor marks.


How to identify the front and back of the cabinet: The side with the wiring box is the rear of the cabinet.


Place a level in two directions perpendicular to each other on the top plane of the cabinet to check the levelness of the cabinet. Use a wrench to turn the screws on the feet to adjust the height of the cabinet to make the cabinet level, and then tighten the lock nuts on the feet of the cabinet so that the lock nuts are close to the bottom plane of the cabinet.

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