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Power distribution cabinet upgrade and transformation

China Unicom Hebei Zhangjiakou core aggregation computer room was established in the late 1990s, more than 20 years ago. The power distribution equipment in the computer room has problems such as obsolescence, retrofitting, overloading of some lines, and chaotic cable routing. Big difficulty.

The power distribution equipment in the power distribution room has seriously affected the safety and stability of the power supply (as shown in the figure above), so it is imperative to upgrade the power distribution room. The main purpose of this transformation is to: update power distribution equipment, standardize power cables, improve system security and risk resistance capabilities, improve intelligent management, implement refined management, and create a smart energy-saving power supply system.

In this upgrade project, Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Huijue ), which is well-known in the industry, sent professional and technical personnel to participate in the discussion of the upgrade and transformation plan, and rushed to the site to conduct on-site surveys and verify the configuration. The spatial layout of the electric room, the direction and length margin of cables, etc. Based on the actual situation, the original plan of the design institute was revised and improved, and the position of the outgoing line cabinet was adjusted to meet the problem of insufficient cable length margin on site ; a metering room was added in the incoming line cabinet to meet the requirements of the power supply bureau. Measurement requirements. Finally, a set of perfect upgrading and renovation solutions was submitted.

In this project, Shanghai Huijue adopted the ABB authorized cabinet type M Dmax . The components in the cabinet are all high-quality, reliable and high-precision ABB brand products, which can ensure excellent Performance, safe use, and easy replacement of components.

At the same time, each incoming and outgoing circuit of the power distribution cabinet is equipped with an intelligent instrument, which can perform power measurement, comprehensive display (on-site digital display), harmonic analysis, switch state acquisition, and has RS485 communication interface. After the instrument collects and summarizes the electrical parameters, it uploads various electrical parameters, switch status, alarms and other information to the background power monitoring system through the RS485 communication interface.

The original old power distribution room has been upgraded to improve the safety and reliability of power supply. And through the monitoring system, 24-hour real-time online monitoring and centralized monitoring of the electrical operation equipment in the power distribution room can comprehensively analyze various data of the equipment in the power distribution room, and carry out remote control and remote adjustment according to the real-time load data of the equipment to achieve refined management . Through the monitoring system , it can quickly diagnose and deal with faults, reduce equipment maintenance costs, reduce power failure losses, and improve work efficiency.

Through this upgrade and transformation, the previously scheduled goal has been achieved, making the electrical equipment in the power distribution room more intelligent, and making the operation and maintenance a step closer to unattended .