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Playing the most powerful voice in the digital era, IDC China Future Enterprise Award Excellence Award was unveiled in Beijing

Beijing, October 27,2022 — In the past three years, the uncertainty of the global macro environment has brought great challenges to enterprises. Digital transformation is no longer a choice, but the only way to adapt to the macro environment and meet the needs of users and survive better. In the digital world, every enterprise digital journey just like life, continuous innovation, constantly out the part is not in conformity with the law of development, only in this way can we use Remaster optimization (innovation), Recreate (subversive innovation), want to deduce the wonderful harmony (innovation) harmonious movement.




The 7th IDC China Digital Transformation Ceremony in 2022 was successfully held in Beijing on October 26 and 27. The conference to “digital priority under the harmonious movement” as the theme, more than 1000 “digital performers from all walks of life through offline and online way to participate in this event, around digital priority strategy development, the future work patterns, technology innovation, the future user experience, digital infrastructure and hotspot issues, such as the future city communication. At the same time, the conference issued the “2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Award — Excellence Award”,11 award-winning enterprises at the ceremony, with the digital transformation of the exploration and practice story played the loudest note for the conference.




The sum of the order of the ceremony




“Talent gap, geopolitics, the impact of the pandemic, economic recession and inflation are sweeping the world, and digital technology will undoubtedly become a powerful tool for enterprises to resist the storm of disruption,” said Ms. Fok Jinkit, president of IDC China, who delivered a keynote speech titled “Harmonious Movement under Digital Priority” in the main forum. The digital transformation triggered by the pandemic has evolved from digital adaptation in 2020 to digital acceleration and digital resilience in 2021 to digital priority in 2022. The formulation of digital-first strategy not only redefines the value of technology, but also promotes the reconstruction speed of the whole value chain of enterprises and industries, opening the era of digital business. IDC areas will continue to focus on the digital transformation, to one thousand users of any profession digital transformation of the whole life cycle of different stage, provides the technology, trend, strategy and other professional insights and Suggestions, and partners with Remaster optimization (innovation), Recreate (subversive innovation), want (harmonious innovation) play the digital priority under the sound of happy together .”




IDC predicts that by 2027, enterprise digital business models will account for more than 40% of revenue (up from 22% today), and the era of digital business driven by digital transformation is upon us. Mr Wu Lianfeng IDC China’s vice President and chief analyst in the building from the digital transformation to the long-term strategy of digital business, said in a keynote speech: “digital business era, the global enterprises are faced with the outbreak of a turning point, a common political and economic point of inflection point, policy, technology of inflection point and the user of a turning point, need to be digitized priority as from digital transition to digital business Core strategy, build the concept first, business, technology and talent preference and priority value creation framework of ecological priority, through the department coordination, collaboration with our customers, partners and cooperation coordination and ecological competition, composed of digital business harmonious movement, create value through digital business structure, to overcome the challenges facing the digital business operations, and ultimately to future business together Standard.”




The wise have no doubt and the brave have no fear


In the past six years, the IDC China Future Enterprise Award and Digital Transformation Annual Grand Ceremony have successfully awarded 332 excellence awards, which jointly witness that digital transformation has become an inevitable development of enterprises from a choice. This year’s “Future Enterprise Award” continues the forward-looking, public and international characteristics of the previous awards. Among the 108 enterprises that won the Excellence Award of the 2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Award, 11 enterprises were selected to be awarded the “2022 IDC China Future Enterprise Award — Excellence Award”. They are pioneers in the digital transformation of their industries. Under the pressure of multiple uncertainties, they actively implement digital-first strategies, recover quickly from business disruptions, and find and enter new tracks. They are wise men and brave men.