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Photovoltaic power distribution equipment helps green development

The solar photovoltaic industry has become one of the most concerned emerging industries in the world today. Photovoltaic power generation does not require fuel, has no gas emissions, and belongs to the “green” industry. It has the characteristics of no pollution, safety, long life, simple maintenance, inexhaustible resources, and wide distribution of resources.

It is considered to be the most important new energy in the 21st century. It can be widely used in the fields of aerospace, communication, energy, agriculture, office facilities, transportation and residential buildings.

In the solar photovoltaic power generation system, in order to reduce the connection between the solar photovoltaic cell array and the inverter, the user can connect a certain number of photovoltaic cells of the same specification in series to form a photovoltaic series, and then connect several photovoltaic cells Connected in series and parallel to the smart photovoltaic combiner box, after converging in the smart photovoltaic combiner box, output through the DC circuit breaker, and use it with the photovoltaic inverter to form a complete photovoltaic power generation system to achieve grid connection with the mains.

Shanghai Huijue Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd. actively responds to the national “double carbon” strategy, and relies on the company’s resource advantages to launch smart photovoltaic combiner boxes to meet the needs of the photovoltaic industry.

This product is used to connect photovoltaic arrays and inverters, provide lightning protection and overcurrent protection, and monitor the single-string current and voltage of photovoltaic arrays, the status of lightning arresters, and the status of circuit breakers. It is convenient for users to grasp the working conditions of photovoltaic cells in a timely and accurate manner, so as to ensure that the solar photovoltaic power generation system can exert its maximum effect.

The core device of this product is the intelligent monitoring unit, which has the following characteristics:

  1. Modular design greatly improves the reliability of measurement and control and the service life of the device
  2. Low power consumption scheme, the power consumption of the whole machine is less than 4W, which is only 1/3 of similar products
  3. The shell protects the Hall sensor design, which can effectively prevent the sensor from being damaged by man-made during the threading process
  4. Wide temperature range digital tube display monitoring data
  5. The device address can be set locally
  6. It adopts a large-aperture Hall sensor, which can pass through a photovoltaic special cable with a wire diameter of 8mm
  7. It can be directly powered by the electric energy of the photovoltaic array

All monitoring data can be sent to the monitoring background system through RS485 and standard MODBUS protocol, and all monitoring data can also be viewed through the digital tube with a wide temperature range.

The resources of photovoltaic power generation and other renewable energy sources are unlimited, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. The large-scale application of renewable energy can save conventional energy and achieve the goal of sustainable development.