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Outdoor communication integrated cabinet product introduction

Outdoor communication cabinet is a kind of outdoor cabinet, which refers to the cabinet made of metal or non-metal materials directly under the influence of natural climate, and does not allow unauthorized operators to enter and operate. It provides wireless communication stations or wired network station workstations. Equipment for outdoor physical work environments and safety systems.

Process characteristics introduction:

The boards used to manufacture the exterior of the cabinet body are hot-dip galvanized sheets with a thickness greater than or equal to 1.5mm. After welding, the hot-dip galvanized sheets must be sprayed with outdoor powder. The temperature control device is a heat-dissipating cabinet body adopts hot-dip galvanized sheet as the plate, and the temperature control device is a cooling type cabinet body adopts a structure greater than or equal to 1.5mm hot-dip galvanized plate plus 10mm thermal insulation cotton.

The base of the cabinet is made of cold-rolled steel plate with a thickness of not less than 2mm, and the surface is treated by hot-dip galvanizing after welding.

Metal materials used for cabinets should have the ability to resist corrosion and electrochemical reactions, with or without surface treatment.

Parts made of non-metallic materials (including insulated wires, cables and foaming materials) should be flame-retardant materials, and their flammability should pass the requirements of the flame-retardant test.

Configuration and composition of outdoor integrated switching power supply cabinets for mobile communication base stations: operators now commonly have three types of power cabinets: -48V/300A outdoor integrated power supply, -48V/150A integrated power supply, and -48V/80A integrated power supply.

The main configuration is as follows: cabinet, rectifier module, monitoring module, inverter, battery compartment, AC power distribution input, DC power distribution input, lightning protection module, environmental monitoring module, anti-theft system, etc.

The size of the outdoor integrated power supply cabinet mainly has the following two types: (length*width*height mm): 600*600*1600mm (excluding battery compartment), 600*600*2200mm (including battery compartment), 1000*600*500mm (including battery compartment), protection level (IP55). The battery capacity is generally configured with -48V/300AH, -48V/600AH, and -48V/50AH battery packs.

The temperature control requirements of the battery compartment of the power cabinet: the distance between the batteries is greater than 10 mm, and the distance between the battery packs is greater than 50 mm; the battery compartment and the power compartment are completely isolated to prevent acid mist corrosion; fans and heat insulation materials are installed in the battery compartment; In other regions, a heater is installed in the battery compartment, and the temperature is controlled. The normal operating temperature range is 10-30°C.