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Outdoor cabinets need to be installed outdoors

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Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry


Outdoor cabinets need to be installed outdoors.

Compared with indoor cabinets, they are in a humid environment for a long time and are prone to rust and corrosion.

Therefore, the surface treatment of the cabinet is very important. The coating thickness of normal outdoor cabinets must not be less than 80um. The shell design of outdoor cabinet equipment needs to have certain corrosion resistance.

Shanghai Huijue is committed to becoming a leader in the network connection industry

The formerly built computer room was remodeled when the area was too small and the equipment was placed irregularly without redundancy.

The remodeling content included cable routing transformation, precision air conditioning system transformation, cabinet transformation, basic environment transformation, etc. The new data center computer room considers the expansion of 5-12 years according to the existing demand, and reserves a certain space for the equipment expansion of the data center.



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