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Outdoor cabinet selection No longer step on lightning bearing reinforcement importance

Because the outdoor cabinet is installed outdoors, the IP security protection level is higher, so the outdoor cabinet can be equipped with awning. In addition, corrosion resistance and UV protection are also considered.




1, corrosion resistance: outdoor cabinets need to be installed outdoors, compared with indoor cabinets, long-term in a humid environment, easy to rust and corrosion. Therefore, the cabinet surface treatment is very important. The coating thickness of an outdoor cabinet is at least 80um.




  1. Heat dissipation: heat will be generated during the use of a large number of electrical appliances in the outdoor cabinet. Outdoor ultraviolet radiation will also increase the internal temperature of the cabinet, which will affect the normal operation of the equipment when the temperature exceeds a certain degree. Therefore, heat dissipation and temperature control are required inside the cabinet. There are two ways of heat dissipation: convection and non-convection. When the temperature of the cabinet is not high in the outdoor room or the power supply is insufficient, convection is used to circulate air inside the cabinet and heat the cabinet by using one fan inlet and one fan outlet.




3, rain and dust resistance: Outdoor weather changes much, the geographic locations of outdoor cabinet also is not the same, more rain in the south area, if outdoor cabinet can’t rain, the rain into the cabinet internal cause short-circuit equipment, caused great damage to equipment, so the outdoor cabinet needs to have high ability of rain in the north west arid regions, the dust is more, the thin dust inside the cabinet, Blocking the device will also affect the normal operation of the device.




4, anti-theft: the electrical equipment inside the outdoor cabinet is expensive, and the outdoor cabinet is mainly placed in the outdoor unguarded area, which requires the outdoor cabinet with anti-theft outdoor room requirements.




If the weight of the cabinet, air conditioner, and ups exceeds the floor load, you need to make load-bearing scatter bars for the cabinet, air conditioner, ups battery cabinet, and precision air conditioner to ensure the structural safety of the building and to meet the seismic requirements of the equipment room. The load-bearing support can disperse the load-bearing force of the floor and meet the design requirements of the bearing capacity of the floor and ground.




General design of old buildings on the second floor above the bearing load is 250-500 kg/m2 load, when the design into a room, if you want to conform to the room specification, consider under the cabinet do hash bearing bracket, a doubling of the bearing bracket base contact area scattered way to implement the floor loading capacity, engine bearing force scattered frame reinforced with steel beam commonly, Plus based on device location. For example, channel steel, Angle steel, outdoor machine room support at both ends of the load-bearing structure beam (wall), the specific need to see the actual load-bearing situation. For example, two transverse 50*50 Angle steels or 100*50 channel steels are attached to the ground in the column position. The bearing capacity of this column position can reach 5000~7000n.




Because the equipment room is different from other buildings, the bearing capacity of the equipment room should be integrated, standardized, and standardized. When designing and calculating the bearing capacity of the equipment room, you can determine the calculation method or study it according to the calculation principles.




(1) The original component and the new part work together to reach the limit state of the bearing capacity;




(2) the original component can play a full role, and the bearing capacity of the additional part can be reduced;




(3) The bearing capacity of the original component is reduced, and the latter part plays a full role.


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