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Outdoor cabinet device shell design to achieve diversified monitoring


Cabinet is an indispensable part of electrical control equipment, is the “carrier” of electrical control equipment. As the carrier of the control system, the cabinet plays an important role in protecting the safety of the equipment. For outdoor cabinet equipment, its requirements are also higher. Outdoor cabinet devices need to be installed outdoors. The corrosion resistance and UV protection of the device shell must be taken into account when designing the device. The IP protection level of the device is also higher. So, what should be paid attention to in the design of outdoor cabinet equipment shell?




1, the outdoor cabinet as the carrier of electrical equipment, must have excellent structure design, solid material, the bottom is fixed firmly, to meet the requirements of strong typhoon, strong rainstorm, and even strong earthquake. In addition, the cabinet must be protected against leakage, short circuit, and cuts to ensure the safety of outdoor cabinet devices in the outdoor equipment room.




  1. Environmental factors should be taken into account in the design of outdoor cabinets. Outdoor weather changes much, the geographic locations of outdoor cabinet also is not the same, more rain in the south area, if outdoor cabinet can’t rain, the rain into the cabinet internal cause short-circuit equipment, caused great damage to equipment, so the outdoor cabinet needs to have high ability of rain in the north west arid regions, the dust is more, the thin dust inside the cabinet, Blocking the device will also affect the normal operation of the device. This requires that the shell design of outdoor cabinet equipment should have good rain and dust resistance.




3, anti-theft. The electrical equipment inside the outdoor cabinet is expensive, and the outdoor cabinet is mainly placed in the outdoor unguarded area, which requires the outdoor cabinet to have anti-theft requirements.




Outdoor equipment room 4. Outdoor cabinets must be installed outdoors. Compared with indoor cabinets, outdoor cabinets are prone to rust and corrosion due to long-term humid environment. Therefore, the cabinet surface treatment is very important. The coating thickness of an outdoor cabinet must be at least 80um. Exterior cabinets must be designed with corrosion resistance.




With the continuous development of the data center, the cabinet is more and more widely used in the data center room, and the monitoring system is not to mention, always pay attention to the various states of the data center, but also to the safety and reliability of the data center to do a layer of protection. Data center equipment rooms have high requirements on the running environment and security of cabinets. Cabinets equipped with intelligent systems are required to meet related requirements. The main intelligentization is reflected in the diversification of monitoring functions




Temperature and humidity monitoring function in outdoor equipment room




The temperature and humidity detection devices are installed in the smart cabinet system, which can intelligently monitor the temperature and humidity of the internal environment of the regulated power supply system and display the monitored temperature and humidity values on the monitoring touch screen in real time.




The intelligent heat dissipation function enables users to set a temperature range for the stabilized power supply system based on the temperature environment required by the devices in the cabinet. When the temperature in the stabilized power supply system exceeds this range, the heat dissipation unit automatically starts to work.




Smart device access function




The smart cabinet system is equipped with access to smart devices, including smart electricity meters or UPS uninterruptible power supply. The corresponding data parameters are read through RS485/RS232 communication interface and Modbus communication protocol, and displayed on the screen in real time.


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